How to study class 11th accountancy:

Accountancy is one of the major subjects of the Commerce stream. Also, it has been found to be one of the most scoring subjects compared to all the oather subjects in that respective stream. 

Accountancy can be defined as the method of financial communications, which is based upon the entities of a business to the users who are generally the shareholders and managers. The subject of Accountancy is mainly numerical, and thus it is necessary for the student to have proper knowledge in order to achieve good command over the ledgers, debiting, and crediting of balance sheets and even journaling entities. Therefore, keeping under consideration the ever-changing economic scenario, the business environment and also the senior secondary stage; it is very important to have proper understanding of the elementary business education along with accountancy, as it plays a crucial role in the process of establishment of a business/ enterprise. 

Hence, accountancy is considered to be one of the major subjects in the commerce stream and it is necessary to prepare the subject well in order to efficiently grasp the concepts pretty well which would help in scoring much better marks. 

The subject of accountancy in class 11th tends to have primary focus on development of the foundation of the concepts of accountancy. The syllabus is designed in such a manner to deliver the knowledge of basic definitions, fundamental concepts, and the theories of accountancy. Thus, it has very much importance in the curriculum of the boards. The syllabus intends to deliver an insight to the students into the accounting standard, established by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, which is effective enough as it possesses equal importance and has a clear knowledge about the basics of the subject. 

In the board examination, the syllabus for accountancy is designed in such a manner that it emphasizes mostly on the numerical, because of which it is essential to have proper knowledge regarding the theories and the basic fundamental concepts. The textbooks which are provided by NCERT are found to be effective while making preparations for any subject of the CBSE curriculum, be it accountancy or any other subject. Thus Accounting Equations DK Goel Class 11 Solutions is found to be of immense help to the students while preparing for the Class 11 accountancy. 

The textbook of DK Goel for accountancy effectively covers all the chapters of accountancy in a crystal clear method of explanation, right from the very first chapter. Thus, it is often advised to the students of class 11th and 12th from the commerce stream, to study and prepare each chapter more in a strategic manner. 

Moreover, there are some other benefits of following the study materials of the textbooks of Accounting Equations DK Goel Class 11 Solutions, as this book is prepared by the NCERT with reference to the latest CBSE curriculum. Thus, some of the key benefits of this textbook are:

  • It is the most preferred textbook for the commerce stream, as it provides detailed solutions to the exercises on the topics of accountancy. 
  • It is developed under the guidance of expert CBSE academic professionals; thereby it ensures proper delivery of the concepts to students in a lucid manner of presentation. 
  • Helpful during revisions as they help in making the concepts crystal-clear as well as provide lucid explanation to every topic. 

Therefore, in order to make effective preparations and score better, it is often advised to go through the chapters of the textbook thoroughly, and try to understand the basics and fundamentals.  This helps to establish a firm foundation of topics and concepts, and would help in solving the numerical quite easily. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the students focus on grasping the concepts, which can be enhanced with the help of the following steps. 

1. Study and try to understand the facts:

While reading thoroughly through the texts, it is necessary to try to grasp the concepts and understand it by trying to relate it within the mind. 

Thus, every student must have a clear idea about the definitions, terms and examples of the accountancy concepts. 

2. Practice more often:

As we know, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Thus it is necessary to have a strong foundation of the concepts, which can be enhanced by inculcating the habit of practicing regularly.  Therefore, the students must practice the questions provided at the back of each chapter after they finish reading it. Also, with this exercise, a student is also able to work on his/her ability of time-management.  

3. Solving the previous year question papers and the sample paper are important:

It is necessary to have a habit of solving questions more often, be it sample papers or previous year question papers. This is because; this helps a student to have an idea regarding the type of question as well as the pattern, which could be expected in the final question on paper. Moreover, solving these question papers helps a student to analyze their level of understanding of the concept so that, if they realize they need improvement then they can focus on it while revising. 

4. Revise is necessary:

As being said “Revision is the key to success”; thus regular revision is necessary in order to refresh the concepts and the understanding of it , as as to grasp the concepts, definition and formula quite easily and memorize them for a long time. 

5. Try to solve more questions:

Be it sample question papers, or previous year question papers or the questions provided at the back of each chapter; it is necessary that the students are able to solve each question properly and they are actually trying to solve them. Doing this, it will help them to enhance the skill of time-management, as well as help them to improve their writing speed. Both of these qualities are often necessary while appearing for the final boards’ examination.   

Therefore, it is the smartest decision to refer to NCERT textbooks in order to prepare well for class 11 accountancy. Moreover, Accounting Equations DK Goel Class 11 Solutions is developed by NCERT according to the latest CBSE curriculum, as they provide detailed solutions which are more helpful to the students to prepare better as well as excel in their examinations. Also, it is very necessary to have knowledge regarding the major concepts in Accountancy such as the balance sheets, and their data as they are more important in the respective subject. 

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