How to use Pop-ups in the best way 

Well-created pop-ups can capture lots of offers and sales and convince users to purchase. Almost any site you visit these days has some form of a pop-up containing a call to action. it’s an offer to sign up for the newsletter or blog or download a guide from the site, so pop-ups will help you to achieve marketing goals.

What are pop-ups?

They are windows that appear suddenly in the foreground of the interface. Some of them can block the whole website’s screen, some of them can’t. They help in paying the user’s attention. Pop-ups advertise the website, it is really so! Let’s know more about that powerful tool.

What are the benefits of pop-ups on your website?

1. Pop-ups help your website’s growth 

When you want to offer your users special offers, discounts, or products, using pop-ups is the best solution. If you create them in the right way, then, they help you to convert users to customers.The more you pay attention to the advertisement, the more customers you get.

2. Pop-ups attract user’s attention

They suddenly appear while the user is monitoring the website. There are two options: pop-ups can block the screen in order to catch the user’s attention or can click the exit button. Anyway, even if they’re twinkling, they do grab attention.

3. Pop-ups can be inclined

By customizing them, you can increase the conversion rate, make your product more popular and widespread. You can monitor which of them are the most needed. Customize them, make the advertising and you’ll have a nice profit.

4. They showcast your business and help in collecting feedbacks

Since pop-ups are customizable and they are the first thing a user sees, they are a nice place to put your best content and showcase your brand in the best light. This is what your business is all about. What’s more, this is a chance to test the market for your product; see how well your products sell, and get feedback from real customers.

Before using, you should know all the necessary details about their creation, moreover, the question of pop-up mistakes to avoid is not less important. You can read this article and be confident in its efficacy. Just test by yourself! 

What are the tips on how to use pop-ups in the best way?

1. Create pop-ups with less text 

Nobody likes to read huge texts or tons of information, especially in pop-ups. Be restrained and put only the necessary description. It should fit your topic. What’s more, it should also display the target message. Take a look at the following example. It says that in order to pick the discount you should fill in the field with your email.

2. Make them convenient to work from different devices

Most users prefer to use mobile devices. Make sure that it’s convenient to work from a mobile phone and a desktop. You can’t predict what the user will choose, but you should pay attention and think in advance.

3. Use a variety of bright colors to attract users

It doesn’t mean that you have to use all the motley colors in one pop-up. Just go creative and try two nice and bright ones, learn to combine them. If you think that it’s unnecessary, you’re wrong. We’re living in a digital era when everything is getting and attracted by its cover firstly. 

Take a look at the following example. That’s a creative pop-up with three main colors, such as blue – for the background, yellow for heading, and orange, which is for highlighting the offer. What’s more, take a look at the manner of communication with users, that deserves your attention.

4. Help users to make a choice using keywords

Filling the pop-up with only information isn’t a great idea. You should highlight the main keys to your offer. It will be more clear for users, which will help them to decide which offer to choose. Let’s look at the example. You should give your email address in order to get a 40% discount. There’s a little information about that offer, only such phrases as “Spring Offer” and “40% discount”, that’s the main point.


Final words

Using pop-ups is a great technique that has a number of benefits. Test them and use smart pop-ups on your website. The more details you know, the more success you have in our business. Be proactive! Good luck!

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