How to write a press release for an online event?

Online or virtual events are the order of the day, so knowing how to write the perfect press release for your online or virtual event is essential. Event marketing is positioned as one of the most effective marketing strategies in the long term.

What are the advantages of writing a press release for an online event?
Press releases have always been used as a tool for the diffusion of events, so, in the case of virtual or online events, it was not going to be less. How can the correct writing of a press release help me in my online event?

– Greater diffusion of the online event will lead to higher final attendance at the event.

– Business credibility with a positive impact

– Achieve repercussions before the event

– Low cost for all the advantages it offers

– Bring more value to the event

– Increases brand awareness

How to write a press release for an event?

This dissemination tool must include certain data and information in order to be as effective as possible. What must be included?

Title and subtitle. Both must be eye-catching to get the attendee interested and want to know all the content of the press release and the online event. To do this, we have to use keywords for our event, which describe it in the best possible way. The subtitle should be longer and provide more information than the headline.

First paragraph. If the user reaches this point, it means that we have achieved our goal: to attract their attention and get them interested in the online event. This section must contain key data. The most important thing that the attendee should know first is the key information: What is the event? What is it going to be like? When? How to register? Is it free? The event agenda? This is relevant data that will keep them reading.

Body of the press release. This is the moment when the user already knows the most important points of the online event. We develop everything that we had already anticipated, giving more information that completes the previous one and that continues to draw attention to the online event. Even though online events are already running normally, it’s not a waste of time to explain how they work and what happens.

Key information. To finish the press release, it is best to add an “about” section. Where information about the company that organizes it appears, along with the link to its website and social networks.

6 tips to write the perfect press release for your online event.
Adding audiovisual content is a very good way to attract attention and clearly show the content and theme of the event. Use an image in the header. It can be a related image that we have created or if we have already made the event, an image of another edition of the event would be the best option.

Including one or several links to our website or to the landing page of the event will also facilitate and motivate you to action.

The press release will give the impression of greater objectivity, and the level of diffusion will increase along with the credibility of the press release.

Using emotive language will do the same as speaking in the third person, highlighting what is most powerful and the purpose of the event for the attendee. In addition, the language should be explanatory, so that they know exactly how the online event works.

It should emphasize the advantages of the online event and the effects it will have on the attendees.

Highlight the reason for the online event and try to relate it to new news or event that we can relate to and highlight as a whole.

Once we have finished writing the press release for our online event, how can we distribute it? Choosing the most appropriate media and journalists for the distribution of our event will lead to a greater dissemination of the press release in media related and appropriate to our objectives. In addition, we cannot forget to include the press release on our social networks as well as on our website or blog.

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