Improve Your Customer Service: How a Bot Increases the Support Quality

The popularity of chatbots is increasing in multiple domains with its market reaching to billions of dollars. These days it is not possible to imagine an online interaction where chatbots are not involved. You can definitely use chatbot to support your customer service. 

Let’s talk about how you can do that. 

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Chatbot for Customer Service

Most people that seek customer service improvement usually have trivial requests which can be easily solved by self-support materials. Yet, customers go to live chat and seek assistance in dialogue form. In such times the business owners consider expanding their support team, which will increase their expenditure. Because otherwise their customers will be left waiting. 

This dilemma can be easily solved by opting for a chatbot. It will not only optimize your expenditure but will also provide excellent level of support to your customers. Chatbot can offer you the following benefits:

  • Customers receive answers to their queries really fast.
  • It can fulfill your basic requests within 5 second of chat time on average.
  • Your customers will be able to receive help 24/7.
  • Chatbots can significantly reduce the volume of tickets your agents receive, that way they can pay more attention to the more complex tasks. 
  • Your agents will be satisfied dealing with complicated requests while avoiding burnout from the repetitive tasks. 

What Makes a Good Chatbot

Two aspects make a chatbot effective and they are: natural language processing (NLP) and solid customer service. When customer service processes are well-established, they provide a good base for a chatbot. All of this makes it easier for the trainer to make an algorithm for the bot to function. 

The NLP allows the bot to understand human language so that it can understand the incoming text requests. Continuous training and experience will enable these bots to self-improve and understand more and more communication patterns. Chatbots have improved dramatically recently. They can take on more load than ever now with the ability of imitating human conversation. 

Cloud and Platform-based Bots

All of the major customer service platforms offer solutions with chatbot integration. A bot can improve its efficiency and train better when it draws insights from CRM data. Some of the famous platform-based chatbots are as follows:

  • Servicenow Virtual Agent
  • Servicenow Einstein Bot 

If you are running a customer service facility without chatbot ability and it is difficult for you change platform then development of custom chatbot can always be an option. The following cloud services can be good options to explore:

  • Amazon Lex
  • Azure Bot Service


To offer a top notch service to your customers it is imperative that you consider chatbot. As we already said a supportive chatbot is the one with the ability of NLP and solid customer service. If you are new to this technology then we recommend to start and proceed with care. 

Start with making the bot resolve simple issues and often test it for verification. Identify the areas where further training and improvement is required. Then slowly increase the tasks and their complexity. By following this process you can make sure that your bot delivers results and improves the quality of your services. 

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