Is it necessary to top up the gas in the air conditioner?

One of the major reasons why you enjoy cool air when you turn on your air conditioner is the refrigerant, or air conditioning gas (or freon). If your air conditioner no longer blows cool air, the service technician may suggest topping up the gas.

Should you do this?

There’s just one problem: You may not need to do it. Learn why now.

What do aircon gas and aircon gas top-up mean?

A refrigerant (air conditioner gas) is a gas that converts heat from the environment into cool air for air conditioning.

The home cooling systems consist of many parts. Together, they ensure the smooth operation of your system. Cool air will flow in your home thanks to the combination of gas and other components.

It is impossible for the system to function properly without the right amount of gas.

Basically, according to an aircon servicing contractor, an aircon gas top up involves getting rid of the existing gas and replacing it with fresh gas.

Does air conditioning gas need to be topped up?

Air conditioning gas does not need to be refilled regularly. Your air conditioner’s gas never expires or spoils. As a result, you do not need to replace the gas as if it is going to happen.

Daikin claims that properly installed air conditioning gas will never need to be refilled. Because of this, it is imperative that you hire an aircon installation contractor who is certified and know how to install an aircon correctly.

An aircon gas top up is usually necessary only if there is a refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant leak signs

It is only necessary to refill the system if there is a refrigerant leak. Some signs of a leak include:

  • The air conditioner blows warm air
  • There is inadequate airflow
  • The electricity bill is higher
  • When there is a noise in the system, such as bubbling sounds

Another cause may be an improperly tightened pipe caused by faulty installation. Regular use can also cause wear and tear on the refrigerant pipes.

As soon as possible, you should report a gas leak to your air conditioner service company. Gas leaks are hazardous and can be dangerous.

When should you top up your air conditioning gas?

There is rarely a need to top up the air conditioner’s gas unless there is a leak in the system. You should always hire a reputable and certified air conditioner contractor to avoid unnecessary gas refills.

So, what does your air conditioner need?

In order to keep your air conditioner in top condition, you should clean it regularly rather than refill it frequently. Manufacturers suggest homeowners should clean their air conditioner’s filters every two weeks. Once every six months, schedule an air conditioning service. Keeping your aircon clean and maintained will make it run efficiently.

In addition, performing an aircon chemical wash at least once a year is a good idea. The chemical cleaning of your air conditioner can keep it free of mould and sticky debris.

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