Istanbul’s Travel Routes for Foreigners

Turkey is one of the popular countries preferred by many foreign investors. Although tourism is one of the main reasons among the most preferred reasons in Turkey, the fact that the real estate market offers affordable prices and diversity has become one of the main reasons. In recent years, the Turkish real estate market has created lucrative investment opportunities for foreigners. When we analyze the Turkish real estate markets, it is possible to see the existence of various options such as villas, apartments, and commercial properties. Based on this reason, investing properties in Turkey is advantageous for foreign investors. In addition, the Turkish economy is gaining increasing momentum every passing day. The thought of foreigners investing in this country increases the demand for the real estate market. Property investments in Turkey have a broad perspective according to your needs and budget. Moreover, one of the regions where these investments are most concentrated is Istanbul.

Istanbul has been home to many civilizations from the past to the present. This city is the pupil not only of Turkey but also of the world. Istanbul has received various migrations from many countries and regions for many years. Therefore, this city is considered the largest province in Turkey. At the same time, we can claim that Istanbul is one of the most populous cities in Europe. This city has a rich historical culture, as it is home to many civilizations. Furthermore, the fact that it has received various migrations for economic, cultural, and even political reasons has turned this city into a cosmopolitan region. Both historical tourism and geographical beauties have stimulated the real estate market in Istanbul. Buying a property in Istanbul has also made it easier for foreigners to access all these opportunities. The increase in demand for property investment in Istanbul has also caused price increases here. Each region of Istanbul has its own unique characteristic features. It is also an important point to make a broad market analysis by paying attention to these features when buying property in Istanbul. In the light of all this information, let’s imagine that you own a property in Istanbul. Would you like to explore Istanbul more closely? Today we will discover the main sightseeing routes for you to enjoy Istanbul in your free time and during your holidays. Let’s start.

Historical Peninsula, Fatih, Istanbul

One of the first regions that come to mind when it comes to Istanbul is the historical peninsula. At the same time, this area is also defined as an old city. As a location, this region has the Marmara sea to the south, the Golden Horn to the north, and the Bosphorus to the east. The history of this region dates back to the 7th century BC. One of the most fascinating features of the historical peninsula is that it has been home to countless civilizations and cultures. Of course, the region is located at a strategically important point, considering that one of the main goals of civilizations in the past was to maintain its existence. Obviously, it is like a bridge connecting Asia and Europe. Each point of the historical peninsula is surrounded by magnificent and fascinating historical buildings. Some of them are Hagia Sophia, the basilica cistern, Topkapi palace, and Istanbul Archaeological Museum. In addition, Gülhana Park, where you can get rid of all the fatigue of the day and take a deep breath, is also located in this area. The historical peninsula is visited by many tourists, not to mention the summer season, the winter season. This area has almost turned into a center of attraction for foreigners. As we mentioned, there are many magnificent buildings, museums, and art galleries in this region. Based on this reason, it is important to determine the points you want to see and create a timeline before exploring the historical peninsula because we know that one weekend will not be enough for you to explore this region.

Istanbul Toy Museum, Kadıköy, Istanbul

Istanbul toy museum is a place that should be included in your travel routes. This museum was established by Sunay Akin in 2005. Sunay Akin is one of the leading poets and writers of Turkey. Due to the fact that Sunay Akin has an artistic personality, every point of the toy museum is like a historical work of art. When it comes to toys, childish images may come to life in your mind, but it would be wrong for us to look at this museum only with the perception of toys. To discover the history of toys in the Istanbul toy museum and to be confronted with many different toys is to have an unforgettable experience. There are various toys in this museum, including from Turkey, Europe, and America. According to the latest data, the Istanbul toy museum houses a collection of over 50,000 toys. Istanbul toy museum is a formation that opens its doors to almost every age group. Especially, if you are a family with a child, we absolutely recommend that you include this museum among your travel routes.

Belgrade Forest, Sarıyer, Istanbul

If you are tired of the exhausting weather of the city and want to be intertwined with nature, the Belgrade Forest can be a great choice for you. As a location, this forest is located in the northwest of Istanbul. In addition, this forest has majestic trees and a lush structure. There are oak and acorn trees in this forest in general. You can go jogging in the Belgrade forest, organize picnics and create small break points for yourself. If your travel routes coincide with the spring and summer months, you can also participate in various trekking and cycling activities here. In addition to all this, there are small businesses and cafes in here. You can provide all your needs on your walking route from here.

Guidance About Purchasing Property in Turkey

The real estate market shows excellent investment and property opportunities in Istanbul. As a result of our comprehensive real estate acquaintance, the purpose is to make the buying procedure more enjoyable in Turkey and stress-free for you. Contact us to discuss your property options with our professional sellers. Your questions will be answered, and we will provide you with additional information on acquiring property in Istanbul. If you want to become property in Turkey, we, as Tolerance Home, will be very happy to help you.

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