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Watching the latest movie on the corresponding day of release is an exciting experience. But, there is the next level of enthusiasm among netizens due to the news and memes advertising on social media.

On the other hand, seizing tickets on the first day of release is not very simple. Hence, youth and film lovers are rolling towards piracy. Well, it’s a factor that piracy causes significant wounds to filmmakers and their whole crew.

This site leaks content online allows numerous complaints from producers and managers. For this purpose, there is no concrete platform that can deliver supplies for an extended period. But, a few websites are gaining popularity amongst the masses through lots of films online. One such site is Jio Rockers.

Why is the Jio Rockers so popular?

Jio Rockers has grown in popularity because it was a successful entry on the internet and has emerged with much consideration from netizens. Direct links to movie downloads after the user-friendly interface execute it are pretty fascinating. Thus, the site spread like wildfire on social media.

After capturing the interest of netizens, the website gained widespread popularity and started uploading links to the latest movies. They have now led to a stage where it appears that the government is incapable of stopping even their wicked work.

Jio Rockers gained wide popularity, mainly among Telugu and Tamil viewers. They have an unending list of both old and latest movies that can be quickly downloaded. Furthermore, all these films are available in all formats from 270p to 720p. Visit here to know alltimesmagazine.

Is piracy illegal in India?

Similar to many other countries, movie piracy is not banned in India. This is similar to gambling in online casino Malaysia, where it is not prohibited to perform. However, downloading Telugu movies like Jio Rockers is banned in India. It is true that these websites are accessible via VPN or by new domain extensions like .info, .best, and .it, etc.

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