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Whether you are looking for new movies, TV shows, or music, you will find that Vudu is worthy of your hard-earned money. With free content, ads-supported subscriptions, and comparison shopping tools, it’s easy to find the perfect title for your needs.

Free content

Besides free movies and TV shows, Vudu also itsmy offers content for sale. You can pick from over 24,000 titles in their catalog. In addition to their library of films and TV shows, Vudu also produces original content. Some examples of their award-winning content include an episodic reboot of the Michael Keaton movie Mr. Mom, and the Academy Award winning La La Land.

Although Vudu hasn’t been around as long as Netflix or Hulu, they’ve still been able to boast an impressive collection of free content. They also offer free rental content, with many titles available for up to a month.

The Vudu site is divided into three gameplanet sections: Movies, TV, and Collection. Each section is designed to cater to specific types of content. For example, the TV section contains a wide variety of titles from anime to classic TV shows. For the movie buff, the Movies section offers a wide range of films, including several Ace Ventura films and Batman movies.

Comparison shopping

Whether you are looking for new movies, shows, or other media, Vudu can be a great choice. You can watch shows on your computer or mobile device, or you can purchase movies to watch on your TV or Blu-ray player. Vudu offers a variety of content, and it’s worth comparing it to competitors.

Although Vudu does not have live TV, you can use its Kids Mode feature to watch shows or movies with your children. The service also offers a number of parental controls, including the ability to set up a PIN code. The company also has a fairly comprehensive selection of free content.

The Vudu Web site is fairly easy to navigate. It shows you the best deals and highlights the new releases, shows, and other features of the service.

Ad-supported subscriptions

Previously owned by Walmart, Vudu has evolved into a premier high-def streaming service. It’s available on PC, mobile devices, smart TVs, and Blu-ray players.

Vudu is a free service that allows users to stream digital copies of movies they’ve purchased at retail. The company offers hundreds of titles in HDX and Ultra HD. They’re available for free, with ad-supported viewing, or for a small fee.

Vudu’s library is divided into four main giveme5 categories: Free content, Movies, Deals, and Collection. Each section is divided into different genres and categories. The company’s library is expanding, so there’s a lot of new titles to check out.

On the downside, Vudu’s library of free content is a bit skewed toward the ’80s and ’00s. The titles are not necessarily the hottest Marvel blockbusters or Oscar-nominated films.

Parental controls

Whether you’re streaming movies or TV shows on Vudu, you should know that Vudu parental controls help protect children’s sensitive content. They help prevent accidental purchases and allow guardians to mute or skip objectionable content.

Vudu has been launching a few new features aimed at parents. Among these is a Kids Mode that will give parents more control over the content their children see. Kids Mode uses data from Common Sense Media to provide a selection of shows and films that are age appropriate.

Vudu also added a Family Play feature that filters content based on parental preferences. Parents can skip scenes with strong language, sexuality, and violence. Vudu is also partnering with Common Sense Media to give parents commentary on movies and series.

You can find Vudu Family Play in transarc the Movies & TV section of the Vudu app. The feature is available on more than 500 titles. You can turn on and off the feature at any time.

Integration with digital locker services

Using a digital locker is not a new concept. Disney, for instance, has had a digital movie locker for the past eight years or so. And there is no shortage of competitors. Vudu is one of them. Initially, Vudu was all about the Vudu box, which is a digital video player. The company eventually moved onto other media like video on demand rentals, and a few years later, abandoned the hardware business altogether.

A digital locker might be a stretch, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. The name of the game is to make it easy for consumers to get all their digital content in one place. In this regard, Movies Anywhere is a winner. You can buy and store all your movies, TV shows, and music in one convenient location. In addition, Movies Anywhere lets you easily connect to other eligible retailers.

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