Madhumati _ The 2031 icc cricket world cup is being played in which country?

Bharathi Movies are a great source to entertain and enlighten the minds of the youth. These movies contain some fantastic dialogues that grab the attention of the viewers. Biharmasti is one of the most talked about Bollywood movie that has just entered the English language subtitles section. Many people are eagerly waiting for its release in all major international film festivals.

Bihmaaman is a fictional character who stars in the Hindi movie Biharmasti. The story revolves around a young girl named Madhumati. She goes to a nearby lake to get her father’s permission for marriage. However, the father refuses to let her marry as he feels that she is too young to be married off. She runs away from home and encounters this handsome stranger named Biharmasti who takes her in his household.

Biharmasti becomes a part of Madhumati’s housemaids and soon, life begins to turn exciting as the two start having regular date nights. Biharmasti soon realizes that she wants to get marry but with no proper planning, she gets into heavy debts and trouble. Biharmasti later manages to free herself from the debt and with the help of her new found friend Biharmasti, she starts planning for their future. The biharmasti movie continues with the love affair between Biharmasti and her son Chhotelal.

Biharmasti later goes to meet her son Chhotelal who had run away from home. Chhotelal introduces her to his deceased father who was an engineer and goes on to tell her the story of how he met his future wife. After hearing this amazing story, Biharmasti decides to pursue her dream of getting married and finally marries her boyfriend Bikram Chawani. However, on reaching her home, she discovers that her old room has been cleaned out and she realizes that the man she had just met lived in that room.

The movie ends with Biharmasti and her husband Bikram facing legal troubles for piracy. Bikram tries to convince the court that his wife and children are actually staying at another home. The court agrees to this and allows Bikram and Biharma to return to their earlier marital status. The biharmasti movie is yet another example of illegal downloading of movies and its consequences.

The makers of biharmasti should be commended for creating a role model for women struggling with domestic problems and piracy. However, in the midst of so much patriotism and fervor, some biharmasti movies become too farcical and it loses its ability to educate and inspire future generations. It seems as if the creators of this movie were trying to cash in on the success of the film franchise by putting out a new release a year after the original release.

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