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Whether it’s Kim Kardashian’s popularity on the internet or Justin Bieber’s headlines, 2022 saw many things trending, and a lot of celebrity pairings and reunions, it all stayed trending. Top Trending includes many celebrity stories, their success, and their failure, apart from their heartbreak stories. We will introduce to you some such trending celebrities who are part of the headlines for one reason or another.

1. Jennifer Lopez

If we talk about Jennifer Lopez, her successful life story is quite long from being a top chart singer to the big screen of Hollywood to introducing and making her various brands successful which include clothes, perfumes, and other accessories. Along with this, Jennifer has made a special place in American Idol and in the judging panel of World Dance.

Jennifer has proved that if she sets her mind to something, she can make a significant mark in every field of showbiz. She is active in building her career from strength to strength and her residence in Las Vegas has become a record.

Jennifer’s previous relationship history is quite long, she has currently married again to her ex-husband Ben Affleck, from whom she was separated in the past. Apart from this, Jennifer is famous all over the world for her impressive body structure.

2. Kim Kardashian

Has it ever happened that you have not seen Kim Kardashian in Trending? If Kim Kardashian’s name is included in the list of circulating celebrities, this list will remain incomplete. Kim Kardashian’s popularity went from strength to strength after Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Then the reason for her popularity was another infamous sex scandal which ended with her marriage to Kanye West.

Then after her 2020 divorce, Kardashian gave entertainment circles another shock. After this scandal, the doors of her popularity and business opened.

Kim Kardashian worked together in many different circles of showbiz. Its brands include clothing lines and exercise DVDs. Mobile games include shapewear and perfumes.

3. Justin Bieber

13-year-old Justin Bieber, who was discovered on YouTube by Usher and Scooter Braun, is known worldwide as a famous pop singer. In addition, he has the honor of being the youngest singer in the US whose albums have topped the charts worldwide. But with this great success, some of Justin’s controversial behavior also made headlines.

After being one of the most famous artists in the world and having the honor of selling 150 million records, there was a time when Justin got the title of a hated person. The reason for this is inappropriate behavior with people and the press, drug use, and repeatedly deteriorating relationship with Selena Gomez, due to which Justin Bieber faced depression.

But in recent years, Justin has started to focus on his music and health again. Justin is now married to a famous model Hailey Baldwin and along with this his recent albums Change and Justice have been released to impress the fans.

4. Johanna Edelburg

Johanna Edelburg is a supermodel and famous American TV personality. Johanna Edelburg was born in Los Angeles, California on February 19, 1981. Apart from this, Johanna is also a business owner and influencer who is very well known in Los Angles. Not only is Johanna Edelburg famous, but she is also the mother of Amari Baileys, a famous under-16 US basketball team player.

Johanna is also an active member of the basketball team who has won a gold medal for leading her team to victory in Brazil. Johanna is also an active member of the basketball team who has won a gold medal for leading her team to victory in Brazil. Johanna Edelburg is her real name but in showbiz, she is known as Johanna Leia.

Johanna Edelburg is known as a famous model in California. Initially, Johanna worked as a freelance model, according to some sources, after some popularity from here, Johanna worked with some fashion firms. After that, she earned a name in the world of fashion due to her impressive personality.

Johanna signed contracts with several major clothing brands and modeled to promote their clothing. Seeing this attractive figure, major swimwear brands signed contracts with Johanna, which further increased her popularity and the promotion of the clothing.


5. Leese Marie

Leese Marie, who is one of the trending celebrities today, let us tell you that she is the current girlfriend of Gold Rush star Rick Neese. Rick Ness is the star of a popular television series, Gold Rush, which is watched by fans with great enthusiasm.

Leese Marie made headlines due to a post made by internet rick ness in which rick introduced Leese as his current girlfriend. There is not much information about Leese Marie on social media. Rick announced through his Facebook profile in April that Marie will be seen working with him in Gold Rush season 12.

No information is provided on which city and country Leese belongs to, but it is said that she is a resident of Milwaukee. Their home is in Milwaukee where they live together. Apart from this, there is no information about this couple on social media except for what Rick revealed about his girlfriend.

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