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New dimensions in modern life with the help of technology

It’s hard to find time for yourself in a busy brick-and-mortar city. Technology seems to be a blessing at this time. He also wants to take responsibility for the little thoughts of daily life. The impact of information technology in daily life, in some cases the use of technology, cannot be finished by listing. Because technology is deeply involved in people’s daily lives.

‘Whether people like it or not, the way people exist, the activities, the way they think about you are starting to change later. At this point, people are going through technological adjustments. The Virtual Revolution, which initially started based on the Second and 0.33 Industrial Revolution, changed everything mathematical. In international production strategy and management transformation; Professionals also agree that change within events. Through smartphones, the Internet of Things, software for synthetic intelligence in system control, robotics, biotechnology, quantum computing is the beginning of the fourth commercial revolution or virtual revolution.

During this fourth commercial revolution, technology is affecting their lives individually or otherwise. It is difficult to find people whose lives are no longer affected by information and verbal exchange technology.

Workplace technology:

During the current fourth industrial revolution, they control almost everything with computers. If all computers are connected through a network, then whether I am using that computer in the office or at home, what matters?

It doesn’t matter, and that’s the idea of ​​a brand new office. First discussed it in 1973 and set up the first such office in 1994. Those working are not physically in the office, but the name of the office where the office work is going on is the virtual office.

Below are some areas of technology use:

  • Technology in education
  • Fill out the form online
  • Paperless office
  • Virtual office
  • EVM
  • Home workout
  • Medicare Health
  • Google Assistant will keep a list of all the tasks of the day
  • Talking clock
  • Technology in social life, etc.

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