NHL’s MVP race gets complicated

After the 2020 Honda NHL All-Star Game ended, all-stars recently came up with mind-boggling claims on who would win the MVP for this season. They clearly had two names in consideration, Connor McDavid and Nathan MacKinnon.

McDavid has put up a terrific season for the Edmonton Oilers, as the centre leads the NHL, tallying 76 points and 49 assists in just 49 games this season. MacKinnon, on the other hand, is leading the Colorado Avalanche to one of its best seasons while tallying 72 points coming from 30 goals and 42 assists.

Most stars have different claims for this season. 

‘Those two guys, they’ve been phenomenal to start the year’, Minnesota Wild forward Eric Staal said. ‘I see Nathan a little more obviously with Colorado, but both guys have had great starts’.

‘Both are amazing players, but I think I’ll go with Nathan MacKinnon this year’, San Jose Sharks forward Tomas Hertl said. ‘He’s still a little bit underrated (compared) to some players, but every year he’s growing up, he’s taking the lead even last year during the (Stanley Cup) Playoffs and it’s really hard to play against him and I think he will be even better and better. So I think for now it’s him’.

Other all-stars have put in various names in the MVP race. Leon Draisaitl, who happened to be McDavid’s teammate, is one of the other candidates as he is second in the league with 75 points thanks to his 27 goals and 48 assists so far in the season.

Some even had a tough time in choosing between the two Oilers forwards, and even Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak, who leads the NHL with 37 goals, is added in the mix.

‘I’m sure Draisaitl and McDavid, those guys, are unbelievable, but we don’t see them as much’, Philadelphia Flyers forward Travis Konecny said. ‘And it seems like Pastrnak scored every time you check the score sheet. So, he’s incredible’.

‘The two guys in Edmonton are doing a

great job’, Tampa Bay Lightning defenceman Victor Hedman said. ‘Pastrnak is having a great season. There’s so many guys. It’s tough to tell’.

True enough, while MacKinnon and McDavid headlined the MVP race, Pastrnak has been a quiet killer for the Bruins this season. He was even named as the MVP for the All-Star Game and isn’t that far from winning the award this season.

‘Definitely I would expect a winner should win the MVP, the winning team’, Pastrnak said. ‘If it was voted in by fans, I appreciate the love. Probably wasn’t any fans from St. Louis’ building, but whoever voted in, I appreciate it and I appreciate the love’.

‘Well, he’s our MVP a lot of nights too, so I’m used to seeing him go to work’, Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy said of Pastrnak. ‘I’m happy for him. Good for him. I’m sure he had a great time here. Got to play with some good players, score a few goals. Too bad we came up a little short, but I’m sure he’d tell you he had a real good time’.

The MVP race is just getting more tight with Pastrnak joining the mix. He continues to improve his level of play and is getting more impressive night in and night out.

From a two-way battle between McDavid and MacKinnon, it just gets more interesting as it turns into a three-man affair with Pastrnak making a strong case for the MVP award.

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