Online Protection – Is Your Business Safe?

In the year 2022 more and more businesses are making the move to base themselves online and are using a distributed workforce model now that cloud computing is so popular and accessible. Due to the increase in online networks being used, there is now an even greater threat to the security of an organisation especially in instances where a company doesn’t have a dedicated IT team or security staff.

Some of the things that businesses now have to keep in mind and take note of are things like building a cloud security strategy that will help to reduce any risk from modern day threats and online attacks. Businesses need to ensure that all of the devices that their staff use are properly secured and protected while they are accessing corporate networks, deploying the necessary DNS-layer protection will help to reduce the threat of increasingly sophisticated attacks and hackers.

As a business owner, one of the best things that you can do in order to ensure that your entire business network and security infrastructure is being managed and monitored correctly, is to partner with a trusted and proven provider of IT support – they really are experts when it comes to online business protection and security. When reaching out to one of the top providers of Outsourced IT Support London Solutions in the UK, they noted that there has been a steady increase in the number of companies who are moving their systems online and are looking for better security and protection for their company data and network.

Cloud computing has quickly become an almost essential tool for all businesses to use, not only does it allow them to work almost entirely remotely but it also brings additional benefits such as scalability and flexibility. Along with the many benefits that cloud computing brings, it also has a lot of additional cyber security threats and risks that need to be addressed properly. cybercriminals are able to more easily take advantage of these networks especially if the cloud security has been configured poorly. It is no longer a case of should you have online security but rather how much online security should you have.

There are a few ways in which you can ensure that your online security is better managed – the first thing is to use multi factor authentication on all of your user accounts. this should be obvious and helps to place a preventative step in the process of accessing user accounts, your staff will need to you actively authenticate any login that requires multi factor authentication which can stop unwanted hackers from breaching information in accessing data that they should not be.

Secondly, you should be using some sort of encryption software when storing or transferring data in your cloud applications – simply uploading data to the cloud is no longer feasible, you now need to take an extra step and protect that data by ensuring there is some level or layer of encryption over that data. This makes it harder for hackers to decode and actually use the information if they do by some chance gain access to it without your knowledge.

Any kind of cyber-attack can be extremely damaging for any kind of business, hackers could steal sensitive customer or business information and deploy ransomware on your network which holds this data at a fee that you will have to pay. This is why it is so incredibly important for any kind of business that uses a cloud application to have the correct practises and security procedures in place in order to safely protect your cloud service and applications.

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