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Organizing forms yet another important part in the management of a company, therefore the students are required to have an in-depth understanding of all these concepts in order to understand the subject clearly and do the assignments related to it, without any assignment help.

Organizing refers to the process in which we identify and group various activities, we bring together financial, physical and other resources, and the authority relationships among job positions are established. Study help me is one such platform where you can get more information about this topic.

The organizational structure is created by the organizing function which serves as the framework which enables the enterprise to function. To enable people to work together for a common purpose is the main aim of organizing. There is little importance of organizing, which is important to be remembered by students for help in homework. These are as follows:

  • Specialization: The work is divided and subdivided into convenient and compact jobs in the process of organizing. The jobs which are similar are being grouped together into divisions and departments. Hence, organizing promotes specialization leading to speedy and efficient performance of tasks.
  • Optimum Use of Human Resources: Each and every job is clearly differentiated and defined which in turn helps the organization to find the right person for the right job. The better use of human talent is enabled by such matching of jobs and people which also provides job satisfaction to employees. The overlapping of responsibilities among various employees and work units and the duplication of work is avoided through organizing since individuals and work groups are assigned specific jobs. The tasks, responsibility, role and authority of every job are clearly spelt out. If You Need More Information Visit filmywep
  • Coordination and cooperation: The efforts of individuals and work groups are unified and harmonized with the help of organization structure. If we exercise authority over interrelated activities of lower-level managers, the higher-level managers bring about coordination and cooperation. The conflict and confusion about the respective privileges and powers of managers is minimized by a clear-cut definition of responsibility and authority of each manager. 

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  • Adaptation to Change: There is flexibility in the organization structure which is properly designed. The change in the external environment leads to adjustment to changes in workload. These changes may be related to products, markets, technology and resources. If we adopt new technology, then new and better methods of doing work can be introduced.
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  • Training and Development of Personnel: The creative and initiative thinking on the part of the employees can be encouraged through sound organization. Through adequate delegation of authority, the development of managerial talents at lower levels can be facilitated. The merit for distribution of rewards and promotion can also be recognized through organizing. 

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There are few steps which are to be kept in mind during the process of organizing, and that would offer assignment help to the students. The steps are as follows:

  • Division of Work: The first step in the process of organizing is that we should divide the total work so that it can be done into specific jobs. Since the entire work cannot be done by one individual, dividing the work into jobs is mandatory. The specialization of efforts and skills can be facilitated through division of work. While we are dividing the work, we should keep in mind that the activities that are required to achieve organizational objectives are identified. The dependence of the activities will be upon the size and nature of the enterprise. In a retail store, there will be nor production activity. The functions will then be broken into sub-functions. For example, there may be a library, office administration, teaching, sports and extra-curricular functions in a school. The teaching functions may further be divided on the basis of subjects such as Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, English, Accountancy, etc. 
  • Grouping Jobs or Activities: Once we have defined the jobs and activities, the next step comes up is that we group or classify these activities into manageable units and should ensure that they are placed under the charge of a manager. The related activities are grouped and combined into large units called divisions, departments or sections. Unity of effort can be facilitated by dividing the work into jobs. On the basis of their interdependence, the departments created are linked together. One popular method of grouping jobs into departments is on the basis of functions which are taken up by the organization to achieve its objectives. In the second method, on the basis of type of products, we can create departments. Activities can also be grouped into departments on the basis of customers, territories, production processes and so on.  
  • Assigning Duties: Each group of activities is placed under the individual who is best suited for it. While we are assigning the duties, it is necessary that we keep the experience, qualifications and aptitudes of people in mind. The proper match should be made between the capabilities of employees and their job requirements.
  • Delegation of authority: An appropriate authority is delegated to each individual after assigning the duties to them. A person cannot carry out the assigned job without such authority. Therefore, in the process of organization, delegation of authority is an essential step. Delegation of authority creates a chain of command from the top manager to the individual at the lower level. In the concept of hierarchy, we grant different degrees of authority to different positions which leads to the ranking of managerial positions. Middle and lower managerial positions have less authority than top managerial positions. Relationships are created by delegation of authority among various jobholders and job positions. Superior-subordinate relationship is created by delegation of authority which serves as channels of communication. 
  • Coordinating Activities: The efforts and activities of different individuals are then properly accompanied. In order for everybody to know that from whom he has to take orders and to whom he can issue orders, the interrelationships between different positions are lucidly defined. For teamwork and efficient performance, it is mandatory to coordinate the working of different departments and individuals.You can visit here to know the most popular movie download website tutflix.

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