Pari betting on Dota 2 

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A few words about Dota 2

Today, a huge number of games are presented to your attention. Each player will find what he likes the most. Especially in the twenty-first century, computer games are very popular. Dota 2 stands out among them. This original MOBA game was created by Valve. for those who don’t know yet, you need to tell. So, two teams of five people can participate in the competition. First you need to choose the characters. After that there will be a battle of teams. Rivals need to destroy each other’s buildings. You choose a hero and then endow him with abilities, strength and talents. Do not forget to purchase the necessary items. The game is very exciting and interesting. It is described in detail on Pari bet.

In what formats are the matches held

Title The method of conducting the game
Best of 1 This format is also simply called roulette. The battle continues until one of the teams wins. Many people don’t like this format because it can’t give an objective assessment to the players.
Best of 2 Here the players have the opportunity to either draw or lose two points to their opponents. This is not the most common format, but it is still loved by many.
Best of 3 This is the most popular option. To win, you need to score two points.
Best of 5 This format makes it possible to truthfully show the full strength of the teams. Only it lasts the longest. To win, the team must win three times.

How much money can you win with pari betting?

The popularity of Dota 2 is increasing daily. Thousands of players around the world love this game. During the matches, fans attend the broadcasts and pari betting. This event is so grandiose that every year even a tournament takes place between countries. A lot of money has been invested here. For example, in 2018, the prize fund reached 250 thousand US dollars.

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