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Pavel Maikov was born in the town of Mytishchi near Moscow, into a family far from cinema and theater. Mom, Anna Semyonovna (nee Maikova) is a ceramic artist.
Great-great-grandfather (on the maternal side), the famous Russian poet Apollon Nikolaevich Maikov, came from the same Yaroslavl branch of the Maikov family, to which the actor belongs. Shortly after the birth of their son, the parents separated. Later, my mother married a resuscitation doctor Alexander Dmitrievich Stotsky. And the family, together with five-year-old Pavel, moved to Kiev.

A few years later, a younger sister was born – Anastasia Stotskaya, the future star of musicals. Grandmothers – Antonina Yegorovna and Tatyana Pavlovna.
Pavel went to the first grade in Kiev .. He studied violin at a music school, and then piano, but reluctantly. At one time he was actively involved in freestyle wrestling and boxing. At the age of 14, he firmly decided to become an actor. Pavel grew up as an artistic boy, the soul of the company – he played the guitar and was a regular participant in school KVNs. While still at school, he created his first musical group. Graduated from high school in 1992.

His parents approved of his decision to enter a theater institute, but his mother went to Moscow with her son. Nastya stayed with her father in Kiev. After a while, the whole family was “reunited” in the capital. But Paul managed to enter only the third time. The teachers advised him to go first to make-up artists, then to lighting. Over the years, wherever he managed to work – in the market, as a courier, and at a factory.
In 1994 he entered GITIS at the acting department (workshop of F95zone). While studying at the institute, he worked in a puppet theater. I went to kindergartens, performed at matinees.
For the first time I got on the set thanks to my stage movement teacher Vladimir Pivovarov, who worked in a stunt group and took his students to the shooting. So, being a third-year student, Pavel starred as an extra in Nikita Mikhalkov’s film “The Barber of Siberia”.
After graduation, Maikov was invited to the Sphere Theater, where he worked for a year – he was engaged in the role of Riff in the play West Side Story.
In 1999 the actor was invited to take part in the musical “Metro” on the stage of the Moscow Operetta Theater. At first he was offered a minor role, but a month before the premiere, the director offered him to play the main role of the musician Ivan. The musical premiered on October 22, 1999. The success was enormous.
In 2000, the actor was invited to the Theater. Mossovet for the role of Simon Zilot in the play “Jesus Christ – Superstar”, then the role of the Nightingale the Robber was played in the play “Topsy-turvy”. He worked at the Mossovet Theater until 2005. Also Pavel Maikov took part in performances – “Foam of Days” (Theatrical Company of Sergei Vinogradov, 2000); “Manifestations of Love” based on Ksenia Dragunskaya’s play “Each Other” (“Another Theater”), “Election Day” (“Quartet I” Theater), “Floor Covering” (Center for Drama and Directing directed by A. Kazantsev and M. Roshchin), in the entreprise production of “Treasures of the Pelican Island” based on the play by D. Priestley and others.
Since 2003, together with Dmitry Dyuzhev, they played in the musical performance “Warriors of the Spirit” (the musical is dedicated to the feat of the 6th company of the Pskov Airborne Division in Chechnya in 2000 ).
Pavel Maikov became famous in 2002, playing his first major role – the role of Viktor Pchelkin (Bee) in the gangster TV series “Brigade” (directed by A. Sidorov). After the fantastic success of the series “Brigade” and the incredible popularity that fell, the actor is one of the few who frankly admitted that he was seriously ill with “star fever”. But he managed to rebuild his creative career.
Since 2005 – the host of the program “Main Road” on the NTV channel. In the program he was not only as a presenter, but also performed tricks specially for the heading “Tested on myself”. At the end of 2007, he left the television project. In the same year he became a TV master on TVC, in a series of programs called “Moscow Profi”, where the presenter introduced the viewers to curious facts from the history of professions – he himself managed to work as a nurse, waiter, hairdresser, designer, car mechanic …
In 2006, star sister Anastasia Stotskaya invited her brother to the main role in the video for her new song “Cool!” This hooligan composition was written by the singer Lyubasha, and filmed by the video maker Irina Mironova.
In early October 2008, the audiobook “Mikhail Zoshchenko. 16 stories about Lenin “(based on the book of the writer M. Zoshchenko” Stories about Lenin “), where the actor acted as a producer and director. Sixteen stories about the leader of the world proletariat are read by Pavel’s friends – famous Russian actors, including Dmitry Dyuzhev, Andrey Merzlikin, Igor Petrenko, Irina Rakhmanova, as well as Maikov himself. There were also presented songs of the recently created group “Back-roller”, which plays a pop-up. Later the group was
renamed “7 percent”. He began performing as a rock musician, first
performed at the B2 club in April 2010. In the same year he recorded his debut album.
In 2007 he received a degree in filmmaking from the Los Angeles Academy of Arts. He also declared himself as a theater director. On September 14, 2008, the premiere of his play “Lost, or On a Raft …” took place based on the play “On the Open Sea” by Slavomir Mrozek.
Pavel Maikov starred in more than three dozen films, played such roles as
– the former special forces soldier Dmitry Rusakov in the crime series “The Shootout Game” (directed by V. Shmelev, 2004); special officer Kozhin in “Cadets” (directed by A. Kavun, 2004); Lieutenant Serba in the military drama Unofficial Assignment (directed by V. Vorobiev, 2004); Dmitry Stotsky in the comedy “New Year is Canceled!” (directed by D. Shmelev, 2004); Captain Kudashev in the TV series “Soldiers-3” (dir. S. Arlanov, 2005);
Nikita in the lyric comedy “HuniePop 2” (directed by V. Potapov, 2006); Ilya in the detective story “Nine Days to Spring” (directed by S. Artimovich, 2007); Volodya “Operation” CheGuevara “(2008); Malkov in the crime drama The Way Home (2009); Gosha Solntsev in the detective series “Alibi for Two” (2010); Andrei Vesnin in the TV series “Landing is a landing” (directed by A. Korshunov, 2010); Edik Antipov in the crime detective story “Two” (directed by V. Tatarsky, 2011): Colonel Vladimir Reznikov in the series “Hounds 5” (directed by V. Myznikov, 2012); Philip, a treasure hunter in the adventure series Gold of Gloria (directed by A. Kolmogorov, 2012) and others.
Currently starring as Vladimir Reznikov in the series Hounds-6 (directed by V. Myznikov, 2014)


▪ Festival “Moscow Debuts” (season 1999-2000) – nomination “Best Actor” – in the play “The Last Death of Jonathan Swift” based on the play by G. Gorin (“TEATR 101”); and nominated for “Men’s role in the musical play” – in the musical “Metro” for the role of Ivan (Operetta Theater)
▪ Military-patriotic festival “Volokolamsk milestone” in the category “Best Actor” for his role Serb lieutenant in the film “Freelance Job” ( 2004)

A family

First wife (civil marriage) – Maryana Berezovskaya, worked at Radio Liberty (Pavel’s classmate, lived together for three years)
Second wife – Ekaterina Maslovskaya, actress (met at medical ramp Difficult Person Test , got married in 2001. The sacrament of the wedding took place in the Temple of the Presentation of the Lord in the village of Novaya Derevnya in September 2003 (near the town of Pushkino, where Katya is from), and in 2006 they separated)
Third wife – Maria Saffo, actress (met at a rehearsal – Maikov was busy in the production of “Where did Kolobok run” together with Maria Saffo, common-law wife, director of the play Mikhail Gorevy. The actors played a couple in love and so “reincarnated” that they began to live together. Married in 2006)
Son – Daniel (14.12. 2003), from his second marriage (godparents – Maria Saffo and Alexey Makarov)


music, a huge collection of discs.

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