Programming Languages that are going to rule the world 

The importance of learning programming languages is not unknown to the techy guys. At a time, programming languages are only for developers. But these days, people from every background have to know programming languages related to their sectors. Even you can earn a standard salary without any conventional degrees. By learning programming languages, you can be a developer and get jobs.

Recent research shows that about 30% of employees in the current tech industry do not have college degrees. They prove themselves with their excellent skills.

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This article will give an overview of the most popular programming languages as per the job possibilities. Infect, you are going to know which languages will rule the world.

Java script

Java script is the most popular and used programing language in recent years. This language is a high-level scripting language that has a versatile use in software and website development. Renowned developers’ community like stack overflow has published a survey that says Java script is maintained in popularity for decades, and developers still love to use this language. If I say java script is in the driving seat of the world tech, will you believe it? Facebook, Google, Uber, and many face websites and using Java script.

Java script is used in web development (front and back end), app development, game development, etc. Java script has many unique and user-friendly frameworks like Node, React, Vue, etc. Java script has become a must for present developers.


python is one of the most exciting programming languages. Python is growing at a 20% rate per year. If you consider programming language as food, then python is like water. Because python is using is most of the field of developing. Python is a high-level language. So, this programming language is easy to learn and use. Python has a vast built-in library. In matching learning, Artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and the IoT field, python has a huge impact.

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Python makes developing more accessible and more straightforward with its easy syntax. This programming language helps many people to remove their fear of programming. Experts are predicting that python would be the most popular programming language within a few years.


C is the mother of most programming languages. There is a common saying that old wine demands more, and C/C++ is that old wine. C is recommended for beginners. If you are skilled in C, you can adopt half of the other programming languages. C is used in developing systems and kernels. Operating system, different virtual and instigated environments result from C. tech giants like Microsoft, Adobe, NVidia; Intel offers a high opportunity for skilled C developers.

C++ is a massive update ofc, which is an OOP language. C did not have a rich library, so C++ has taken that place. Now they are both combinedly ruling the programming world. From a carrier point of view, these two are not so popular as Python or Java script. But it is going to need to make your core strong. C++ is vastly using in the game developing industry. Competitive programmers also use C++. Besides, pc application and Guy sectors are based on C++.

R language

R is an underrated language in the programming field as a programming language; R has a vast area and a different fanbase. Though R was the primary language for machine learning and data science, python is gradually taking over its position. But still, R is hugely popular for statistical analysis with the help of enormous function libraries and frameworks.

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In extensive data analysis, R is playing a prominent role. R is using is Linux and windows server development. R has some fantastic features like cross-platform compatibilities, cloud computing, deep graphical capabilities.


Java is an experienced player in the programming language community. Though Java lost its hype still this language is in the shortlist of popular languages. Worldwide, 8 million people are developing and working with developer’s community is currently one of the most robust developer networks. The android development industry is based on Java. In Android app development, operating systemic/us growth, this OOP language plays a vital role.


PHP is spreading so fatly still in 2021. If you think PHP has worthy replacements, you will be going to suffer. Developers are working with PHP for its incredible features and fields. PHP is famous for excellent frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter. Can you imagine the web development industry without PHP and its frameworks? Word press, wiki websites are developed with PHP. PHP has a strong community and huge job field. If you want to be a full-stack developer, you need PHP more than anything.


I am introducing you to a goggle certified programming language for android development. Kotlin is the new generation language. Gradually this programing language is racing Java. After goggle’s declaration, kotlin has become the 4th popular programming language within a few days. Kotlin developers are increasing vastly.

Kotlin is OOP and a general-purpose programming language. kotlin is integrated with Java so that java interpreters can read this language. On the other hand, kotlin has access to the java library. With simple syntax, you can quickly learn Kotlin. Kotlin makes the android development experience smoother. Kotlin has popular frameworks like Javelin and Vertx.

Netflix, Uber, and many companies are offering the job to the kotlin developers.


C# is a general-purpose language. Microsoft developed this language for their purpose. As per Git users, C# is one of the most popular languages for creating games. C# has a massive field in developing Microsoft applications. This structured language has vast job opportunities. The f95zone is very popular gaming community website where you can get tons of games.

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You can never complete a top-notch programming language list without Go. Go is one of the most exciting programming languages with an increasing fanbase. The field of Go is growing after google started working with this language. Visit here subscene to get the latest movies for free.

Go is a project of the goggle. It maintains the same syntax like C. Go is high performance and efficient language. So, you can say goodbye to slow compiling and garbage issues. But the library of Go is still growing.

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