SAP Hana Developer Portal – Benefits of Using the RAD Model For Enterprise Apps

Today, the mobile enterprise is going all out to make their presence felt and for this reason it is essential that companies like SAP, Sybase, IBM, etc are offering robust, enterprise level solutions for enterprise-grade apps and solutions. The best way to take advantage of this growing trend is to go in for a customized development solution tailored specifically to the requirements of your company and designed to cater to your unique business needs and requirements. Today, the enterprise range of mobile apps has gone beyond traditional Java-based applications. SAP and Sybase have developed mobile apps that can handle real-time business transactions and data processing.


So what exactly are the key benefits of Rapid application development platform utilizing enterprise apps powered by SAP or Sybase? For one, these apps are scalable and highly scalable solutions that can run on the go or be clustered. You can also run them as native apps or cross-platform mobile apps. Another key benefit is that you need not have to modify your business-specific apps in order to accommodate the mobile platform.

In a nutshell, the enterprise RAD model is the software architecture that allows integration of both business-related business logic and user interface elements into the same cohesive enterprise application modernization. This leads to increased efficiency and flexibility in the designing, developing, deploying and operating the enterprise apps. This makes the apps easy to use and increases their applicability to a wider audience and removes the problems of duplicating the application’s code and functionality.

There are many advantages of using the SAP or Sybase enterprise rad model for your mobile or enterprise apps. For one, the SAP open source low code application development platform is ideal for integrating the functionality of SAP products including ERP, MRP, SCM, MRP solutions, data mining, optimization, social media, travel, finance, and other business processes. This means that these apps can integrate seamlessly and work as one seamless solution for your organization. Another advantage of using the SAP platform is that the source code and modules from ERP, MRP, SCM, and other SAP products are available as libraries in java-based Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps alternatives. This means that you do not have to modify your business-specific apps in order to adapt to the mobile platform.


Aside from being easily customized and run on different devices, the SAP solutions are also scalable. You can have your own choice of platform for your business-specific apps. It will be up to you whether you choose iOS, Android, HTML5, or any other mobile platform. In addition, you can tailor each app to a specific screen size, so that users will not get frustrated browsing through different small screens. The source code of your business-specific app can be accessed easily from any device with an internet connection.

One thing that most mobile or enterprise version of ERP cannot offer is enterprise integration features such as permission control, multi-account capability, and workflow automation. These features are usually offered in SAP Hana, because it is the industry leader in these functionalities. However, they cannot be acquired separately. You may be required to sign an agreement and acquire other licenses for enterprise radiance. With the help of the RAD platform, you can run your business workflow smoothly without spending a huge amount.

There is a huge community of mobile app developers on the internet. This proves that the RAD platform has an edge over other enterprise apps when it comes to popularity and downloads. When you already have an existing project, you may start developing apps straight away and save more time and effort using the pre-existing architecture provided by the rad platform.

In a Nutshell

If your app complies with the enterprise rad model, then you can use this platform as a development platform. Since SAP Hana has an efficient user interface, you will not face difficulties implementing your app in an efficient manner. You can directly tap into the necessary database, source code, and data sources. The SAP Hana developer tool makes it really easy to integrate your app with the SAP system. You can create an app quickly without the help of any developer.

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