Saving Those Special Moments With Photo Albums

Our lives are filled to the brim with new information that we must process each and every day – and we only have a finite capacity for memory. As we age precious memories can become dimmed by the passage of time. Sometimes we need memory aids in order to fresh our wonder for those special occasions that we treasure as part of the rich tapestry that is our lives. This is one of the reasons why photo albums have remained so popular.

But the question remains – in an increasingly electronic age why do photo albums remain such an evergreen choice when high-tech solutions for the display of treasured images are so widely available?

1. Photo Albums Focus Choice

almost everyone in the Western World today has access to Smartphones and tablets that boast increasingly large amounts of memory. Many of these phones and Smart devices can store literally thousands of images – and they are easy to share. So why the fascination with photo albums? The strength of those electronic devices may also be their weakness when it comes to the display of memories associated with special occasions. 

People flip through their photo collections ignoring many of the images they have gathered – there are simply so many that most are not treasured. A photo album forces us to choose only those images that are especially important to us – they are after all limited in the number of pages that they house. This means each and every image that finds its way into a photo album is special – a highlights reel of our lives. And those images are the ones that we want to share.

2. Sharing a Photo Album Brings People Closer Together

The simple act of taking a photo album from the shelf is an occasion. You are sharing those treasured images with those you hold nearest and dearest. Leafing through these albums can be a communal affair – and it brings people closer together. The experience is special – something that an impersonal digital device cannot replicate.

3. Photo Albums are a Tactile Experience

A digital device may offer an exceptional ability to arrange images in a creative way. There are impressive transitions between images, they can feature collages and also include video. However, a photo album is able to house mementos of a special occasion in a way that a digital device cannot match. An image of an invitation, a pressed flower, or a birthday card celebrating the first birthday of a grandchild can be photographed and displayed on a digital device – but they cannot be handled. Human beings use all of their senses when they view a photo album – with the digital display they are simply not as engaged with the images that they are viewing. 

Companies like Photoland have a photo album for every occasion and to suit every budget. These are albums that can be handed down from generation to generation. Electronic devices fail, and bits and bytes can be fleeting – but a photo album can keep treasured memories alive and fresh across decades.

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