Since I Found the Grieshaber Website, My Skin Looks Amazing!

Although I was never too happy about admitting it, my skin was never as healthy and young looking as I’d wanted it. I stuck to my set skin care routine for years, actively ignoring the fact that it was never quite delivering the results I wanted. Then one day, a friend recommended that I try the Grieshaber website. 

I hadn’t really considered treatments like these before, as I’d always thought they were a touch too extreme. However, this was largely due to the fact that I’d been misinformed as to what was involved and once I’d done my own research, I had a change of heart.

An Amazing Selection of Options

It didn’t take long to find what I was looking for on the Grieshaber website – which incidentally was micro needling for my own needs – and while I was looking, I discovered an array of options that I’d never even heard of. I’ve since tried a few of them and the results have been spectacular!

Let me tell you about a few of them…

Botox & Dysport Injections – a great option for anyone with fine lines and wrinkles in certain parts of the face, botox injections can provide relief for up to 6 months! Dysport injections aren’t quite as powerful, but they target different areas, offering excellent results. 

Dermaplaning – another option that’s particularly great on the Grieshaber website is dermaplaning that gets rid of unwanted dead skin cells and vellus hair that forms on the upper lip.

Chemical peels – I tried this one myself as a way to improve the look of my skin and boy did it deliver! Afterwards I felt like I was glowing with health and vitality – something that lasted for weeks.

Laser Treatments – something that I’m still building up to is laser treatment, but by all accounts, it’s no more painful than having any other kind of treatment. Hair removal, skin tightening and skin resurfacing are just a few of the factors that these specialist lasers can deal with.

Fillers – one of the options I looked at were fillers, but the helpful dermatologist at Grieshaber told me that microneedling was a much better idea for my precise needs. 

This was far from all I found on the Grieshaber website too, as there’s a whole array of choices to meet the needs of all kinds of skin. Whether you have moles, warts or contact dermatitis, their experts can help you get what you need.

They’re Absolutely Number One In My Book!

So, if you’re looking for the answer to your own skin issues, then I can’t say enough good things about the service and results provided by the guys over at Grieshaber.

The aftercare I got was second to none, with great advice on how to maintain the results and even recommendations about other treatments that might help me. I’m no expert, but you could say that they provided me with an all-encompassing service.

At Skin Deep Med Spa in Boston, MA, we offer non-invasive procedures such as botox injection in Boston to help our patients have brighter and healthier skin.

Now, I can’t say that I’ve tried anyone else to compare them against, but any other company would have to go some to beat what they offered me. I love my skin now and that’s something I never thought I’d be able to say. 

Check them out and maybe soon you can too. 

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