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Some ideas about to open a laundromat

You can invest in a profitable project with Wash’N Dry support. If you’re looking to open a non-franchise laundromat, we’re here for you. Walsh’s Dry, a brand belonging to the laundry equipment specialist Armstrong France, is an additional guarantee of the success of your business.

Our solution for your laundromat without the deductible

You’ll benefit from all of our experience in creating your laundromat in the best conditions, whether it’s called Wash’N Dry or whatever you want. We work with you upstream of your project to select locations and secure strategic locations.

For equipment, we provide you with the best equipment according to your needs and goals. In addition, we help you with market research, developing a business plan, choosing financing methods, formatting your investments… You can also guide you to start your laundromat through communication management: presentations, signatures, graphic charters, advertising campaigns … How to Start a Laundromat? Read and know about it…

Location, forecast turnover and profitability

Many times, the first question an entrepreneur has is:

  • How to create a laundromat and what are the prices?
  • What type of company to choose: SAS, SASU…?
  • Where to set up this business?
  • What turnover will I achieve?
  • How do I calculate and evaluate my laundromat’s turnover?
  • How profitable are laundromats?
  • Is a donation of 10 to 20,000 euros enough?
  • Concepts or deductibles, variances and costs?
  • Are investments risk-free?

We will answer all of these questions together. But before that, it is very important to verify the sectors of your premises and the surface area of ​​the premises, considering the research on the competition. With these elements and an assessment of the necessary equipment (purchase, depreciation, etc.) you will have your business plan and you will be able to plan yourself concretely.

To do so, please contact us for free and we can discuss your project. If you have an idea of ​​location and surface area, we can create a first forecast for your establishment and estimate its profitability.

What are the steps to open a laundromat?

The economic model of a laundromat is simple, but it is a Tax Lien business and an activity in itself and needs to be implemented in several stages, which we will detail for you. We invite you to be accompanied by a professional during this process.

Choice of washer and dryer…

Throughout the creation process, the purchase of equipment will be done by the company that accompanies you, as it will be the result of preliminary research. It will specifically decide:

  • Multiple capacity machines and dryers
  • Machine with fixed or suspended water tank.
  • Electric or gas-heated clothes dryer.
  • Definition of payment center (number of machines and payment method).
  • Additional equipment (benches, folding tables, water heaters, etc.).


The various preceding steps allow you to format your garment and validate your selection. It’s time to think about the financial aspect, for which you must provide yourself with the following information. Two types of investments are expected, along with start-up budgets:

You must make a quote to know the amount of renovation work: plastering, painting, signage, plumbing, electricity, wastewater treatment, dryer steam, etc. They depend more or less on the size of the place and its condition. …Sellers of materials often have artisan referrals to communicate with you. They are used to working with them. Indeed, it is generally recommended to go through these craftsmen who have experience in creating such stores.

Estimates of equipment startup and training will complete your information.

Finally, define a communication budget for the launch of the campaign.

So, armed with all this information, you will be able to develop a business plan. You’ll turn it over to your banker to get extra funds to complete your budget. It should include:

  • Definition and analysis of catchment areas.
  • Determination of potential turnover.
  • Investment details.
  • Financing plan.
  • Forecast income statement.
  • Point out all the information to demonstrate the seriousness of your motivation and approach as an entrepreneur…  

The details of financing and amortization are as follows:

  • All or part of the individual contribution, i.e. approximately 25% to 40% of the total.
  • Bank loans for the engineering and layout components remain to be financed.
  • Leases, LOAs (leases with optional purchase), equipment bank loans.
  • Plan ahead to invest in cash advances for VAT and reimburse them later.
  • Amortization is linear: 5 to 7 years for equipment and 10 years for fixtures.

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