Some of the Funniest Movie Moments of All Time

Laughter and joy adds a lot to life, so it’s no surprise that most people have a love for laughing. In no other place do people get some of the most laughter than inside a movie theater watching a great comedy film and using those same quotables to launch with friends later. Despite everyone’s love for laughing and the love for comedys, the biggest grossing comedy ever is the movie “Ted”. And, just to put that into perspective, “Ted” is not even in the top 10 when it comes to highest grossing films. In fact, it ranks at just 132. Can you believe that?

It’s amazing that even the funniest movies ever just didn’t fare as well in the box office. Come on, who doesn’t love a funny movie?

With that said, we are running down a list of some of our favorite movie moments that are just too funny to forget.

McLovin’ in “Superbad”

Superbad was an unexpected smash hit. Coming out in 2007, it features a hilarious scene with the character Fogell who was portrayed by actor Christopher Mintze-Plasse and is a classic funny moment in film.

Along with friends Seth and Evan, played by Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, “Superbad” told the story of two high school kids who are super-focused on losing their virginity.

This gave birth to McLovin. In a funny scene in the movie, Fogell acquires a counterfeit ID, but things go terribly wrong. On the ID, instead of choosing a typical name like John or Alex, he picks a random word: “McLovin”. What’s even more hilarious is that there is no last name, so the ID simply shows his name as one word “McLovin”. “Who are you, Seal?” Fogell’s friend Evan asks.

It’s a hilarious movie moment that everyone from that error can think about and laugh about.

The End Credits of “The Hangover”

The end credits on a funniest moments list? Yes, 100 percent. The now-classic 2009 comedy “The Hangover” had countless memorable moments throughout the film, but just when you thought the ride was over, the film offers up one more at the end of the movie as the credits roll past the screen.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, because for some odd reason, you never saw “The Hangover”, it revolves around a bachelor night in Las Vegas gone wrong. After a wild evening that we don’t actually witness and the wedding party can’t remember, we follow the best friends of the groom attempting to locate their missing friend by trying to retrace their steps. However, things all come together at the very end of the film when they discover a camera that captured everything… uncovering an extremely wild night of no holds barred partying.

One of the guys joyously pulls out a tooth, the group celebrates with comedian Carrot Top, one of them actually fights Wayne Newton, and much more.

After watching “The Hangover”, it makes you want to hop on the first flight to Vegas with all your friends.

Ezal From “Friday”

Ice Cube’s 1995 stoner comedy “Friday” is an absolute classic. There’s so many memorable lines, moments and characters in the first film in Cube’s film franchise. While Smokey and Deebo are the two most people will call out, the homeless crack-head Ezal, played by Anthony Johnson, was our favorite.

Throughout the movie, Ezal is seen stealing or doing anything for money. When Smokey is forced to do #2 on the side of his house, Ezal catches him and tells him he’ll clean it all up for $2 dollars. He actually makes his first appearance in the alternate intro where he is seen running down the street with stolen boxes, which explains why Craig (played by Ice Cube) is fired from his job after he’s caught on camera stealing boxes.

One of the funniest moments is when he attempts to fake a slip and fall in a liquor store and threatens a $150,000 lawsuit. This wouldn’t be your typical New York City slip and fall case, because he’s willing to settle for much less. 

“I want $150,000” Ezal says, but offers to forgo a court appearance for just $20 bucks.

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