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Your guide to choosing the best tantric massage spa near you

A massage parlor experience will give you the best kind of pampering and relaxation that you need regardless of the type of massage that you want. Your journey to quality tantric massage begins by ascertaining the reasons you need the same among other factors discussed below in the text. Since tantric massage services are new to the industry, you must pay attention to the quality of massage spa you enroll with as this is what will determine the quality of services you are going to get. How do you therefore ensure you stay away from substandard massage services today? Read on to discover from the guide below the critical concerns that your tantric massage London choice must answer before you book your first tantric massage session with them.

List of services offered

What you should be looking for during your search for a massage spa is not the most popular one but the one that can attend to your needs. Aside from tantric massages, you can get full body, deep tissue or just muscle massages all which have unique benefits to your body. Check the catalogue of the spa to ascertain how many services are offered and the services you actually need from the list. Aside from massage services, numerous spas offer manicure and pedicure services, hydrotherapy sessions, sauna and facial treatments. The hack is choosing a facility with several services you need to save your energy and time from moving from one spa to the other for different services.

Types of massage to choose from

The next stage is narrowing down to the exact services you need and the types offered. Massaging is a wide area where a number of skills can be specialized in and that is the reason not all masseuses are equipped to give tantric massages. This form of massage is different from all others as it encourages nudity for both parties involved. There is a wide range of massage types offered based on the country you are in and the most common practices there. You can save a lot of time by hiring the right masseuse who already knows what you need and is ready to deliver on the same rather than working with amateur who only wants to be paid for substandard services.

General hygiene

Just like hospitals and hotels, hygiene for spas and massage clinics should be top notch. Any unhygienic practices can easily spread germs and diseases to both the clients of the business and the staffs involved. Enough support resources like towels, body wrap, pedicure and saunas must be availed for spas with high traffic to avoid poor hygiene practices. Before choosing a spa, inquire about their safety and also cleaning hacks to ascertain whether they are for you or not. It is not wrong to request a tour of the facility to observe the staff, resources available and most importantly the quality of cleanliness observed by the facility. If the facility hygiene is below your standards, you are always free to leave and consider the next name on your shortlist.

Qualifications of staff

A successful spa can be determined by the kind of staff that it employs. There are a number of services offered at spa facilities whose quality depends on how well the service providers were trained. This is the same case that goes for massage experts in any facility. There are no certifications to prove massaging prowess but you can figure out if you are dealing with trained professionals or amateurs from just a few minutes of interacting with the staff management. It would be a disaster to pay top dollars for sensual and erotic massage only to get regular tissue massage instead. If possible, have the spa management prove to you that they are working with professionals before you go ahead to book your session.

Cost of services

Now that you have figured out the sections of the spa that need scrutiny, it is time to check how much you will be charged for various spa services like deep tissue massage, manicure and pedicure. The cost is obviously not going to be the same for diverse facilities but the more in-depth research that you do, the better choice you can make from your assessment. Basically, the price tag attached to these services must match the quality of services that are offered by the spa otherwise you will be experiencing a rip off. Some of the price determinants for most spas today include the technology, resources used, and the quality of staff and the location of the business.


All businesses base their prowess and expertise on the reputation they have established in the market over the years. Amateurs barely have any reputation to be checked so avoid such and proceed to options on your shortlist that have been around for the longest. Customer satisfaction is the biggest concern for most businesses considering it dictates the quality and tone of reviews on the official website of the spa. Do not take any red flags shown on the site lightly as there is a high possibility of you undergoing the same substandard experience you want to avoid. Quality reputation precedes good spas and massage therapy center and that should be your goal when you are looking for who to hire for the tantric massage session you want.


How far from your office or home is the massage parlor located? For clients that hate changing spas every time, choosing a nearby facility will do you well in the following ways. Improved accessibility where you can order for mobile services or reach out to them at any time you need their services. You do not have to drive from one city to the next just because you want quality massage, chances are you will get fatigued right back when driving back home. You instead have to choose local facilities with good reputation and high-quality service delivery.

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