The 4 Levels Of eCommerce: How This 8-Figure eCommerce Mentor Can Help You Escape Level 1 by Justin Woll

If you’re involved with eCommerce, as per Justn Woll you’re likely stuck in one of four levels.

Level 1: You don’t know what you don’t know. You’re just getting into eCommerce, and while you dream of having a successful eCommerce business, you have no idea where to start

Level 2: You’re a beginner with eCommerce and you’re learning more and more on a daily basis. You may even have a product you’re attempting to sell, but it’s not getting many (if any) sales.

Level 3: You’re selling a product, and it’s getting some sales (it may even be getting sales every day), but you’re struggling to make any profit

Level 4: You’re selling 20, 50, or even hundreds of units of your product, and you’re making a consistent profit margin.

Most people are stuck on Levels 1, 2, or 3.

And if you’re stuck on one of these levels yourself, it’s quite normal. The truth is, finding the right product to sell online (and actually selling it successfully) takes a set of skills most people don’t possess.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn these skills.

In fact, you can learn these skills needed to escape to “Level 4 of eCommerce” and make all the profit you want.

Before we tell you how…

Why Justin Wolls Thinks Level 3 Is The Worst And Best Place To Be

If you’re stuck on Level 3 (the most common level), it means you’re vulnerable from both sides.

You want to keep selling your product because it’s making consistent sales, but you also want to stop selling your product because it never seems to make you any profit.

It’s frustrating.

It truly is.

And this is the spot thousands of aspiring eCommerce business owners get stuck in. They’re right on the edge of becoming successful, but they can’t seem to push through and make a consistent profit with their product.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, Level 3 is also the best place to be. All you need to do in order to make the leap to Level 4 (the level where you’re consistently making a profit on a daily basis) is learn the right systems and strategies.

Enter Justin Woll.

If you don’t know who Justin Woll is, here’s a quick summary:

Justin Woll is currently the #1 eCommerce mentor in the entire industry. Besides having multiple successful eCommerce businesses himself, he’s taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to hit the highest levels of eCommerce success.

$500 days, $1,000 days and even $30,000 days aren’t rare for Justin’s students.

But, I know what you’re thinking…

“These people are smarter than me.”

And the truth is, that’s simply not true.

Justin has taught everyone from kids just graduating high school to moms with kids how to run their successful eCommerce business, even when they had zero experience beforehand.

And guess what?

You have a chance right now to…

Learn Directly From Justin Woll Himself

As we mentioned above, Justin has cracked the code on how to hit Level 4 of eCommerce.

He first cracked the code by building his own successful 6 and 7-figure eCommerce businesses, and he’s consistently taught students how to build their own for half a decade.

The systems Justin teaches are some of the best we’ve seen in the entire industry, and they consistently generate student results to this day.

Here are just a few of his successful student’s results:

And again, that’s just a few examples.

If you head over to his Beyond Six Figures Facebook Group, you can find countless student success stories posted inside.

How can you learn directly from Justin Woll himself?

There are two ways actually:

Beyond Six Figures University 2.0

This is Justin’s most affordable option for learning his proven eCommerce systems and strategies, and it’s jam-packed with everything you need to know in order to go from $0 to 6-figures within a few months while focusing on real business principles like consumer satisfaction & supply chain.

Justin holds nothing back in this program.

Take for example the Video Creation Training:

This is a 50+ minute long training on how to make your own compelling video ad. In this training, Justin not only shows you the exact step-by-step system for making video ads that can go viral on Facebook, he even reveals the product which made him over $30k revenue in a single day.

In fact, Justin makes every single one of his students (even the ones who invest in the higher-priced 6 Month Mastermind) go through this entire program before they do anything else.

This program is that important.

  1. Beyond Six Figures 6-Month Mastermind Experience

The majority of Justin’s student success stories come from this program.

Why so?

Because inside this program, Justin literally hand-holds you to success. This is as close to having Justin Woll come to your house and teach you every secret success strategy in eCommerce that exists.

Here’s just a few things you get inside the 6-Month Mastermind Experience:

  • 6 full months of the best eCommerce education on the planet. Justin teaches you the exact mindset, systems, and skills needed to grow and operate a successful eCommerce store from scratch
  • Full product and store audits. Before you launch your product, website, or ads, Justin and his team will make sure everything is perfect. This way you never waste a penny on your fast-paced journey to eCommerce success.
  • 24/7 personal support, but FOR REAL – Justin & the BSF team actually live up to the hype, and will give you world class support everyday of the week for the entire six months, from himself, and his own marketing team – we’ve never seen a better structured program other than how BSF gets it done.
  • Weekly Personal Mastermind Calls. There are roadblocks in every single person’s eCommerce journey, but when you join this Mastermind, Justin can help you get over any roadblock. Every Sunday he hosts a live call enabling YOU to ask Justin one question, or 100 questions, Justin is known for going over 5 hours some days, just answering every question and expanding on what the proper moves are REAL time in eCommerce. During these calls he’ll share the latest eCommerce systems and strategies, and how they apply to YOUR business.
  • Access to private BSF Manufacturing Facilities. With their own private agent, you are able to get your hands on expedited shipping for your chosen products (an extreme bonus in standing out in the eCommece industry). Justin also states that you have the ability to get every & ANY product sourced when using these facilities. This is just another reason why BSF is the go to for proper eCommerce guidance.
  • Justin’s Proven Systems. Including The “Farm System”, which Justin claims to be one of the Fastest, most effective scaling strategies to scale a business extremely high, whilst achieving consistency in traffic and sales. This, along with every other pillar Justin & BSF have utilized to build the infrastructure, and foundations of their own eCommerce brands.

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