The Art of Finding the Perfect Fit in Gold Ring Design!

While browsing though Vaibhav Jewellers’ gold ring catalogue, have you ever wonder, “what ring size am I?” Well, this is something that puts many of us in a dilemma.

It’s simple to discover your ring size using finger gauges or a ring mandrel at a brick-and-mortar store. When purchasing a gold ring design online, the process is somewhat more involved and time-consuming. This DIY ring sizer guide can assist you in making the correct selection every time.

How to Determine the Ring Size

Measurement Using String or Floss

  • Use a piece of thread or floss to determine your ring size. Wrap one of them around the base of your finger.
  • Then, for the first time, you must mark the place where the string intersects.
  • You’ll need to align it with a ruler and record its length in millimetres.
  • When average ring sizes are considered, each half size corresponds to 0.4 millimetres.
  • Calculate your size in this manner.

Measurement using paper

This approach requires a strip of paper, a ruler, and a pen or marker.

  • First, cut a thin strip of paper about 100 millimetres in length.
  • Then, fold the paper strip over the base of your finger and near to your knuckle.
  • You must indicate the junction of the two ends of the paper strip.
  • Then, using a ruler, determine the length and circumference.
  • Get your ring size using the chart below.
Ring Size (Indian) Circumference
Inches MM
1 1.61 41
2 1.64 41.7
3 1.68 42.9
4 1.73 44.1
5 1.76 44.8
6 1.81 46.1
7 1.86 47.4
8 1.88 48
9 1.91 48.7
10 1.96 50
11 2.01 51.2
12 2.04 51.9
13 2.09 53.1
14 2.14 54.4
15 2.16 55.1

Use an old ring.

If you already own a ring that fits precisely, this is an excellent method of determining your ring size.  To begin, double-check that the ring remains round! Because a ring can become slightly oval due to frequent usage, this is especially happens in case of very thin/fine rings. Next, place the ring on the ruler using a millimetre-scale ruler (do not use inches). Ensure that the interior diameter of the ring is measured and not the ring’s thickness.

Now that you have found the inner diameter of the ring, you can use it while buying your favourite gold ring design online.

Tips for Measuring:

Be mindful of the Temperature.

Our finger size fluctuates with Temperature. Fingers grow larger in hot weather and shrink in the cold. Try measuring your finger at the end of the day in warm weather. It is the most populous at that time.

Measure the ring size twice.

The gold ring design should be comfortable to wear on your finger. It should glide over the surface with great ease. It might be, however, be challenging to remove. So, check your ring size more than once to find your perfect fit. It will save you time and money in the long run by avoiding needless ring resizing.

Verify ring type

The ring’s type impacts the size factor. A ring with a slim body fits snugly on the finger. In contrast, a broad gold ring design requires a larger size for most people. The explanation for this is clear. Such patterns provide for more room underneath the band.

Size the knuckles.

Check whether your finger base is smaller than your knuckle. Measure your knuckle and finger base. It will help you pick a ring size that slides smoothly over your knuckle.

Select a size bigger

If two sizes fit, opt for the larger one. Try to obtain millimetre measurements.

Note: that these techniques are not 100% exact and you may need to request a resize later, so if you’re not sure whether the size is correct, and ask the jeweller what the resizing fee is before you place an order with them. Getting a gold ring sized isn’t always cost-effective. As a result, measuring one’s ring size is essential before purchasing any gold ring design for females since it might cost a lot more or be quite tricky.

Our brand:

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Take a look at the wide variety of chic gold ring designs for females and see how quickly you fall in love with each one. After looking at these delightful pieces of jewellery, you will find it hard to resist buying them. There is a ring for every event, from business attire to date night, from a casual excursion to a spectacular wedding.


This blog post has proposed several methods for determining your ring size at home but if you are not confident about trying them, feels free to contact Vaibhav Jewellers experts for help.

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