The Benefits of Choosing Natural Materials for Your Home Interior

People have long used stone for interior decoration. This material is ideal for the implementation of any design idea, as it harmoniously fits into the interior of any home. But with improper use, decorative stone in the interior will look rough and uncomfortable. So how can we properly, and stylishly use the material as decor? It isn’t as hard as you may think. 

It is vital to choose high-quality natural stones for your home decor. Even though there are many different options to choose from, travertine is definitely on top of the list of natural stone solutions for home decor. You can click here to see high-quality travertine tiles by Saturnia Travertini. These high-quality travertine tiles are a great option for both high and medium traffic areas, including your living room, kitchen area, hallway, and bathroom. 

Stone for Wall Cladding at Home: What to Choose for Decoration

Stone is the best sustainable and most durable material. People have used it to build homes since the beginning of our civilization. The power of the natural stone is evident in such structures as the Egyptian pyramids, the Great Wall of China, ancient temples, and medieval castles. In addition, natural stone looks extremely beautiful. Therefore, this material is highly sought after for interior and exterior design today.

Loft, minimalism, modern classics, and other interior design styles can not do without utilizing natural stone decorative elements. This material harmoniously fits into the design of any room, including bathrooms and balconies. It is the first thing you notice once you open the door to any room. We are naturally attracted to stone because its use is part of our ancestry.  

Choosing the Right Stone, Color, and Texture 

But how can we naturally incorporate stone into our minimalist modern sustainable homes? The main thing is not to overdo it and harmoniously complement the stone with other materials.

Choosing the right stone shades is essential when decorating at home. It will allow you to immediately clearly place accents in the interior and add more value to your home. 

You can use travertine for all kinds of decorative elements in your home like arches, corners, columns, and even the fireplace. Decorative stone is indispensable for outlining an existing fireplace because it best transfers the flame’s heat to the surrounding space. 

The only disadvantage of natural stones is that they are heavy and expensive. Some architects increasingly use artificial stone. However, it is best to consider some of the downsides of using artificial elements. One of them is that they can never replace the real thing, meaning that the difference will always be noticeable. 

The artificial stone looks very similar to the natural one, but it doesn’t get extracted from the Earth. The production of decorative material is manually and industrially. To do this, you need to prepare a solution and pour it into a metal, plastic, or silicone mold. Dyes, minerals, and acrylics are added to the mixture and then sent under pressure at high temperatures. After drying, the resulting stone is baked if necessary and then covered with a different special coating. That’s why it is best to use natural stone. Artificial stone can never compare to the real thing. 

Also, real stone, especially travertine, has proven to withstand the challenge of time. In some cases, it tolerates temperature extremes and high humidity conditions. It is one of the most sustainable solutions, and it is resistant to extreme weather conditions when used for exterior purposes.

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Decorative Stone in the Interior: Types of Materials

Decorative stone in the interior of living spaces is more common due to its natural beauty, characteristics, and sustainability. Each travertine tile is unique because the stone has a naturally porous structure. It means that you will have unique timeless pieces of art, all made by nature -itself. The tiles come in different colors and textures. Different finish options can brighten up your interior and add timelessness and natural beauty. 

Thanks to the usage of real stone, the room’s interior becomes elegant, chic, and aristocratic. For a harmoniously looking flooring or wall decor, the tiles can be laid in such ways as to form classic geometric shapes. You can also bring creativity, freshness, and originality to the design by creating geometric shapes yourself. Complement this interior with some greenery in your interior. 

To sum it up… 

When you use natural materials in your home, you show sophistication and also expertise in design. Create timeless, sustainable home decor that’s not only durable and easy to maintain but also aristocratic and beautiful. Choose nature over artificial solutions. Research for the best stone solutions for your home. Look for high-quality travertine tiles like those offered by Saturnia Travertini and create a wonderful home interior that would simply take everyone’s breath away.

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