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So if you enjoy fiddling with numbers, developing logistics concepts and helping with development in your spare time, you’ve come to the right place at Dafabet.


Frostpunk is not a Finnish hard rock band, but one of the most exciting development games of recent years. This is mainly due to the unusual setting: the title replicates an alternate version of 1886, in which a volcanic eruption darkened the sun and plunged the earth into perpetual winter, including crop failures, famine and death. Now you are the ruler of the last human settlement, gathered around a so-called generator – a huge coal furnace that at least still radiates heat. And you must do all you can to ensure that this flame of hope is not extinguished.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is much more colourful and friendly: the developers from Frontier Developments offer you the spiritual successor to the famous and popular Rollercoaster Tycoon series. As such, the focus of the game is on creating and managing your own amusement park. However, before you can start, you first create an avatar and choose one of three game modes: in Sandbox you start building in a fun and moody way, in Challenge you also have to pay attention to your finances and solve smaller problems. Finally, in Career mode, you have various tasks to complete.

Transport Fever 2

All those who loved playing with model railways as kids and are now looking for something age-appropriate will certainly find what they’re looking for on our list too – in Transport Fever 2 . The economic simulation all revolves around the theme of traffic. Well, admittedly: you’re not just laying tracks in the game. After all, you also want to explore the world on roads, on water, and lately also in the air. Schönbauer will still have its true joy here.



After two excursions into the future, the Anno series has finally returned to the historical scenario with Anno 1800 . And hence back to the old power. Well, the basic principle the developers haven’t changed in the seventh installment of the series: here, too, it’s primarily about building your own settlement, expanding it steadily and meeting the needs of the inhabitants through complex production chains. But it’s all extremely successful. You’ll even be told the full story in story mode!

Two-point hospital

Twenty-one years after Theme Hospital, the two creative minds behind the business simulation, Mark Webley and Gary Carr, are back in 2018 with their new spoof: Two Point Hospital ! As the name suggests, it’s the same as a spiritual role model: you take control of a hospital and have to lead it to economic success. How does it work? Easy. You make sure that the patients in your temple of health feel well.

Prison architect

Hospitals and theme parks not to your liking? Then you’ll love Prison Architect . Here you take on the role of an unscrupulous prison administrator who has to keep criminals in check, especially in their own cells! Of course, this also means providing your skills with everything you need to survive: after all, even the baddest fingers are entitled to food, hygiene items and family visits. So you build cells and common rooms and furnish them appropriately. True to the motto: only a satisfied prisoner drops money in the coffers. You can also apply for federal funding or send your prisoners to work in the workshops.

Animal Crossing: new horizons

Anyone who thinks beet prices are the most boring thing in the world has probably never seen Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In Nintendo’s life simulator, even the smallest things take on a huge significance if you allow yourself to relax. Because, as with a good holiday, the game gives you a lot to do, but you’re never forced to do it. But first, about the basics: what is it about? Tom Nook, a savvy businessman in tanuki fur, takes you on a faraway journey with a kit ready for the island! You and two animal neighbours are marooned on an unspoilt island to do whatever you like: build your own house, decorate your own island, design clothes, hunt for insects, fish, grow flowers, look up Stars and, and, and. There is no limit to creativity in your holiday paradise.

Cities: horizons

When it comes to city building simulations, SimCity has long been considered the benchmark of the genre. Then in 2015 Cities: Skylines came out and suddenly a new ruler sat on the throne. This change of power doesn’t happen by accident, because the developers of Colossal Order simply delivered a comprehensive successful package: as the new mayor, you have several square kilometres of land at your disposal, which you can shape according to your wishes. You place residential, commercial and industrial areas, strategically locate hospitals or schools and dedicate yourself to infrastructure: freely placed roads take your residents from point A to point B. Above and below ground, you can provide electricity and water with a few quick clicks.


August 14, 2020 it’s time: after more than four years in the early access phase Factorio Version 1.0 has finally seen the light of day! For fans of fully automated economic simulations the performance of pollutions! Why? Because the title offers everything your heart desires: You crash with a lone astronaut on an alien planet and now have to explore the area from an isometric point of view and collect resources. Chopping down trees, mining ore and bolting machines all happen at first in a painstakingly manual job. Over time, however, your production chain will become more and more complex, and you will create real industrial parks: oil refineries will line up next to huge robot factories, kilometre-long conveyor belts will deliver goods from point A to point B.

Stardew Valley

Take Harvest Moon, add crafting, combat and a fully-open romance system and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster! Stardew Valley, created by one man, Eric Barone, is one of the biggest indie hits of recent years. And not just because he’s managed to capture the charm of simple farm life like no other: you and your fully customisable playable character settle down in the small town of Pelican Town, where you take over your grandfather’s farm. Of course, it’s not in very good condition: rocks, stumps and weeds make life difficult for you. So first you get the country into shape. Then you create animals, plant vegetables, set up stables or greenhouses and gradually build your own little paradise.

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