The Choice Of The Right PMS System For Your Hotel

Modern hotel management systems find it impossible to run without a PMS system. It is necessary to keep up pace with the changing trends along with patterns of the business. Channel manager booking is of the opinion that there has to be an integrated hotel management system that accomplishes the entire task in a single go. A hotel PMS should not be a single tool for the smooth running of the operations of a hotel. It needs to be evolved in such a manner, to include functions that would help in the formulation of the strategic decisions of the business.

But the hotels end up committing a mistake where they end up choosing a low-end PMS solution that is not going to satisfy their requirements. A lot of them end up choosing a lot of features that would not be useful to a hotel in any form. Now the question is which is the right PMS for the needs of your hotel. A quality PMS is one that aligns with the needs of your hotel. You need to be aware on what are the things that you need in a PMS and which are the ones that you do not need. A smart PMS goes on to

  • Save time
  • Improves revenue
  • Improvement in terms of efficiency and accuracy.
  • Provides a superior customer experience and ensures potential customer loyalty

So, to achieve all of them you need to consider a few features while choosing a hotel PMS

  • Providing the right form of integrations- A PMS has to offer two-way communication, that should allow multiple systems both internal and external for communicating with each other and sharing data. Hence it is imperative that the PMS integrates with the external systems and technologies to ensure everything is operational in a smooth manner.
  • Channel manager- Integration with hotel channel management is of considerable help to a hotel business. The reason why it is important is due to the connections with the OTAs, and GDS for dynamic pricing, with the real-time distribution of the room inventory. If your PMS is not going to provide this form of functionality, it would be a major loss in terms of revenue.
  • Direct bookings direct bookings are always a profitable venture for a business. A PMS that has its own internet booking engine and payment gateway happens to be a great booking management tool and is of help to a business.
  • Central reservation system- PMS is known to integrate with a central reservation system, that would allow managing all the hotel reservations or even the users from a single place. It would contain the hotel room rates, and a list of available inventory and would be of considerable help to manage online and offline bookings.
  • Hotel revenue-management- when you integrate the hotel management system with the PMS it goes on to automate the entire operations. It can be used to sell the right product to the right customer at the right price. The module goes on to push the room availability and the PMS would go on to formulate the accepted rates in the system.
  • Resort to the use of cloud-based technology- If you are thinking on the lines of a PMS for your hotel, make it a point that it is cloud-based. This is going to make operations of the hotel relatively easier. Even you are not going to require a server on the PMS runs. No longer you are going to require an IT professional who will update things,, fixing the hardware along with the bugs. All of them are done automatically on the cloud platform. The best part about cloud-based systems is that they are reliable, affordable and flexible. If the need arises it can be scaled to new heights.
  • Social media and review management- The property management system should be able to connect to all the social media platforms. This is going to make the hotel operations an easy task. It should be a platform where you can review the various sites so that the reputation of the hotel management system can be improved. The moment you integrate PMS with a reputed hotel management module, you can go on to automate the process of request, and feedback can be posted via electronic channels.
  • Solid support- along with training is provided, and investing in the best PMS may not be enough. The PMS should be able to provide faster integration, a quick learning curve along with comprehensive training to ensure support adoption. You need to ensure that your PMS provider provides you with support round the clock. It is done without an additional charge. Even the hotel PMS should have online training tools and an active customer community where you can access a lot of additional stuff.
  • The concept of intelligent reporting is provided- If there is no form of intelligent reporting, you will not be aware of the pillars of property management and revenue. If there is no PMS you will be sitting in front of a mountain of invaluable data. A PMS enables you to interpret and the capability to share reports based on the critical parameters of a business.
  • Simplifies the module of housekeeping management One of the basic functions of a hotel is housekeeping management. It is vital that your hotel has a housekeeping model. This way it ensures that the billing aspect is taken care of and manages the guests while the hotel operations are taken care of to the fullest. All this ensures that the data is secured on all counts. The demands from a PMS may be many but the key aspect is to keep the data secure at all times. There are a lot of boxes that needs to be ticked when it comes to the choice of a right PMS.

For all these reasons it is necessary that you choose a PMS from a company of repute. The user interface is easy and sufficient training can be provided to the staff.

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