The Easy-to-Use PDF Editor in 2022 – PDFelement

rs is increasing with the passage of time, where users of all types and categories are becoming part of the system that effectively uses PDF file format for their file management. Talking about how good PDF file format is and the variety of PDF editors available in the market, the selection is quite difficult and strenuous.

This article discusses the best PDF editor, PDFelement, as the tool that features ease-of-use and efficiency for its users. With a detailed introduction to the lucrative features of this editor, users would be introduced to how PDFelement is making an impact across the lives of different professions.

Part 1: A Detailed Introduction to PDFelement

Since we know that file transfers are majorly covered in PDF file format, it requires appropriate PDF management. This includes editing the document, converting it into other formats, and several other tweaks that can be found across word processing software. Thus, a PDF editor is necessary to lead users to Wondershare PDFelement, an all-platform solution providing services for Windows and Mac users.

This platform is not only available on desktops, but it also provides them with the option of working across smartphones. Thus, PDFelement is compatible with Android, iOS, and iPadOS devices. You can also consider using this platform online across the cloud. Talking about what PDFelement offers to its users, there is an exceptional variety of features that you can find across this professional PDF editor.

From basic document editing, PDFelement retains high-quality results with an exceptional list of tools. Users can look forward to converting, annotating, signing, and sharing their documents across different platforms with the help of PDFelement.

As the tool ensures the provision of the basic PDF editing tools across its interface, it also embeds an exceptional variety of advanced tools for its userbase. You can consider protecting your PDF documents with passwords and information redaction. Along with that, PDFelement provides a form editing system that helps users create new fillable forms of high class.

This article focuses on introducing PDFelement as a tool that helps people of different industries. To learn more about how PDFelement influences its users in the market, go through the details provided below.

Part 2: How PDFelement is Helping Users in their Work and Study?

Multiple use cases have originated with the inception of PDFelement in the market. The tool provides aid to several industries with its proficient tools. To understand how it helps their work efficiency, go through the following details to figure out PDFelement as the ultimate PDF editor for work and study:

For Education Users

People in education are stressfully covered with multiple documents of different subjects and types. At times, it gets exceptionally difficult for them to go through every document across their device. Due to the prevalent restrictions of viewing documents on smartphones and desktops due to outdated software, education users find it difficult to manage their liabilities.

PDFelement helps students in providing them rich reading modes, which enables them to go through PDF documents quickly. The markup functions available across the tool provide them with the opportunity to mark the important parts across the document without going across any other platform. The availability of highlighting tools, markers, underlining tools, and strikethroughs across the platform gives students an opportunity to mark documents during class.

Along with that, the management of documents across PDFelement is quite exceptional and commendable on different scales. Students are able to make their work easier and summarize it for themselves, which aids in their learning process.

For Financial Users

PDF form is one of the highlighting tools of this PDF editor. Not only does it provides users with the option of editing documents differently, but it also provides them with the option of creating forms and filling in form data. As this part concerns financial users, they have a pertinent use of forms and charts in their daily work. To manage these documents efficiently, the presence of PDFelement gets necessary.

Being a person from the finance industry, you can always create new forms across PDFelement. Along with that, you can fill in the form with appropriate data and perform calculations across them for ease. Rather than going across another software for this purpose, PDFelement completes the requirements for its users across its platform. This is what makes it quite special for the community.

For Legal Users

The extent of PDFelement reaching legal use cases is an exceptional story of the tool being phenomenal with its functions. Legal users can consider signing their documents with the help of PDFelement, which essentially cuts off the formalities of having tools for digital signatures. The variety and freedom offered across the platform make it a good choice for legal users. They can consider signing the document with an electronic or a handwritten document.

The other respective function that makes PDFelement a perfect option for legal users is its protect PDF tool. To ensure confidentiality, users can protect their important documents through encryption or redact information across the PDF. This is what makes it a perfect option on the market to protect and encrypt documents.

For Publishing Users

You may be surprised to hear PDFelement as a tool for publishers and the associated industry. Although you can find different editors providing multiple services, quite a few of them are known for offering users the options of comparing PDF documents and locating differences between two documents. Being a publisher, you can always look forward to the comparing tool for discovering the difference between documents.

Following this, the platform offers the option of flattening PDF documents to perfection. PDFelement does not leave any additional layer across any document. Finally, the tool provides the option of printing the PDF document easily, which exempts the need for other tools for such purposes.

Part 3: The Essential Pros and Cons of PDFelement

As we go through the points that make PDFelement the best PDF editor for all kinds of users, it is essential to be aware of the pros and cons of getting in compliance with the tool. This part focuses on providing the advantages and disadvantages of using PDFelement for working on your PDF documents.


  • Features one of the easiest tools to use among the PDF editors in the market.
  • PDF management is exceptionally easy and convenient across the platform. Users can work through the variety of tools offered to manage their PDF documents with ease.
  • Offers cloud access functionality which helps users save their documents across the cloud and access it from anywhere.
  • PDFelement supports Optical Character Recognition (OCR), where this technology provides them with the opportunity of scanning documents under high-quality results.
  • All document formats are supported across the tool.
  • Provides batch functionality that allows users to make edits across multiple documents simultaneously.
  • Can share PDF documents through email and upload them across Wondershare Cloud to access the document from any other device.


  • You need to pay for the advanced features available across the tool.


PDF editing can be a fun thing for users if the software provides the essential variety for working across the document. Although there are several PDF editors you can find, the availability of explicit tools is a question that most of them do not answer. PDFelement is one such PDF editor that covers proficient features and allows people of different industries to make essential changes in their documents with ease.

With tools such as PDF form and protect PDF, there is a lot that can be done across the platform by the user. It is recommended that users go through this platform for high-quality results and proficient document management.

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