The Magic of Geometrical Shapes!!!

The world of geometry is full of different shapes that are quite different from each other. Children start learning about simple shapes from kindergarten and gradually learn about the more complicated ones like a cone, cuboid, parallelogram, quadrilateral, rhombus, etc. Let us discuss some of the properties of a rhombus that differentiate it from other geometrical shapes that may appear similar.

A Rhombus is rightly called the jewel of parallelograms as it resembles the shape of a diamond. Technically speaking, a Rhombus is a four-sided closed figure. 

The word rhombus has been derived from the Greek word ‘Rhombos’ meaning something that spins. The opposite sides of a rhombus are parallel to each other and thus it is considered to be a parallelogram as well. As all the sides of a rhombus are equal, we can say that all rhombuses are parallelograms but all parallelograms are not rhombuses. 

The main properties of a Rhombus are as follows

  • .A rhombus cannot have an inscribing circle.
  • A rhombus does not have a circumscribing circle.
  • The sum of two adjacent angles of a rhombus is 180 degrees.
  • Four right-angled triangles are formed by the two diagonals of a rhombus, all of which are congruent to each other.
  • A Rhombus has rotational symmetry of 180 degrees.
  • A rectangle is formed by joining the mid-point of all four sides of a rhombus.
  • A rhombus is called by different names such as Lozenge, Rhomb, etc.

How to measure the area of a rhombus?

You may have come across a rhombus that has two horizontal sides as if a square has been run over by a vehicle on the road. In such cases, the altitude of the rhombus is visible. The diamond shape of a rhombus becomes more obvious if it is drawn in such a way that one of the diagonals is horizontal.

The diagonals of a rhombus are always at right angles to each other, irrespective of the angles of the four vertices. These diagonals further divide the rhombus into four smaller triangles. The square of a side of the rhombus is always four times the squares of the length of two sides.

As you must have noticed, a rhombus has numerous parts and measurements. If you know these measurements, you can easily find out the perimeter, area, etc. of the rhombus. 

The area of a rhombus can be determined using different formulae depending on the variables available. You can either find it by using the altitude and side or using the side and angle. You can also find the area of a rhombus by using the diagonals.

Applications of Geometrical shapes in real life

If you look around yourself, you will be able to see numerous two-dimensional as well as three-dimensional shapes in natural and man-made objects. Geometry finds use in various real-life applications such as robotics, engineering, space, sports, astronomy, architecture, and many more. If You Need More Information Visit:  worldtravelplace

Let us look at a few of them

  • Hexagon- A hexagon is made up of six straight sides which are equal in length. Beehives, ice crystals, and snowflakes are a few common examples of the hexagon. 
  • Rhombus – Precious diamonds are admired by one and all. These diamonds resemble the shape of a rhombus. Colorful likes flying in the clear blue sky are another example of a rhombus. Besides, there are many other places such as floor tiles, mirrors wallpaper patterns that resemble a rhombus.
  • Parallelogram – Clutch bags, erasers, etc. are four-sided with two pairs of parallel sides.
  • Square – Do you play chess? The black and white boxes on the chessboard have four equal sides and are square.
  • Pentagon – A football is the most common example that has the shape of a pentagon on it. 
  • Triangles – The Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Pyramids in Egypt are perfect examples of triangles that are a part of rich world heritage.
  • Cone – Party hats and ice cream cones are conical in shape. You must have noticed the bright orange traffic cones on the road at some time.

Learning about geometrical shapes by taking some real-life examples makes it easier for you to recall things fast. You can join Cuemath online classes to clear your doubts.

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