The Review of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

Many people, including professionals and students use video editors for their projects and commercial purposes. There are tons of video editors and video converters in the market that claims to provide premium results; however, not every video editor goes compatible with Mac.

Some video editors have a complicated user interface, and some lack advanced features. This article will give an analytical review of Wondershare UniConverter by comprehensively shedding light on its explicit features like subtitle editor and video converter.

Part 1: What is Wondershare UniConverter?

Unlike other video editing software, Wondershare UniConverter is an all-in-one tool that can perform the basic as well as advanced functions effortlessly. You can edit audio tracks, video files, and pictures through this amazing tool and can get instant results. It offers a free trial for beginners, and you can avail each feature to enhance your video project.

The user interface is easy that can be understood by any non-technical person. This software is highly compatible with Mac and does video editing at the fastest speed. You can generate the desired and high-quality results within seconds and can give a professional touch with its advanced features.

Part 2: Key Features of Wondershare UniConverter Video Toolbox

In this section, we will extensively mention all the key features of Wondershare UniConverter that you can use to make the video flawless with little effort.

1. Interface Distribution

Many professional video editors have a cluttered interface that makes the process of editing complex for beginners. However, UniConverter offers its Mac users a clean and well-structured interface by displaying all the options in an organized manner. It has a dark mode option for people who want to reduce the emitted light from the screen. Furthermore, it displays all the AI features clearly so that you can access them whenever you want.

It also displays the recommended features and options that are widely used among people. You can also access the tab named “Favorites,” which comprises all the functions you use regularly.

2. Convert Video

UniConverter has made the whole conversion process easier and simpler. You can convert your video to many popular formats like 4K, 3D, SD, and audio formats like MP3 and MP4. By going to the option of “Output Format,” you can see all the available formats for the conversion process.

Furthermore, along with the formats, you can also select the quality of the format. This video converter has an advanced feature of “High-speed conversion” that gives you results within seconds.

3. Compress Video

Do you want to save the video in a smaller size but with superior quality? Wondershare UniConverter does that with high precision and accuracy. You can give the desired size of the file to the tool, or UniConverter can compress the video by making the necessary changes automatically.

For more desired results, you can control the elements like quality and resolution of the file before compressing it. Moreover, to save time, you can compress the videos in batches and can get all the results instantly.

4. Edit Video

This tool has huge diversity for video editing as it contains all the trendy features and options that can make your video extraordinary. To adjust the frame of the video, you can crop it and can remove unnecessary objects trouble-free. You can use the eye-catchy effects that you can apply according to the requirement of your video. It has tons of effects like Sunkissed, Glow, Vintage, Flushed, and Rainbow.

Moreover, you can remove watermarks with just a few clicks that can make the video looks flawed. It also has other amazing options like adjusting playback speed and trimming the unwanted parts from the video.

5. Remove Image Background

The background of the image is an essential part of giving depth of field. The subject in the image can only get the spotlight when there is a suitable background in the frame. UniConverter has an explicit feature to remove the image background by automatically detecting and deleting the background. After the removal, you can add new background with special effects from the displayed options.

6. Subtitle Editor

To make your videos more interesting, you can add subtitles by using the subtitle editor. You can add the customized subtitles or can insert the downloaded ones perfectly. Moreover, you can adjust the font, color, and size of the added subtitles.

If you want to save your time and energy, you can also generate automated subtitles as they can transcribe from audio to text using artificial intelligence.

7. Smart Trimmer

The smart trimmer is another distinct feature of UniConverter that manages to detect the silent segments from the video and automatically remove them to make the video flawless. Using this feature, you can also remove the unwanted portrait from the video using AI.

8. Intro and Outro

As from the name, this feature can add or remove the intro and outro of the video. Intros and outros should be exceptional to make a good impression on viewers. By using this feature, you can add the video in batch and can set the length of the intro or outro you want to remove.

Through a single click, you can remove the intros and outros from all the videos at the same time. Also, you can add intros and outros from the added file to the main file.

9. AI Portrait

AI Portrait utilizes artificial intelligence to separate the portraits from the imported video smartly. Through this feature, the tool can automatically detect the background concerning the subject and can remove it quickly. You can switch the background and can add another background that will give the video a natural look.

10. Auto Reframe

Surely, everyone is obsessed with all social media platforms living at this age. Now you can use your social media accounts more confidently by making aesthetic videos after auto reframing them. This feature can automatically reframe the video perfectly concerning different social media platforms.

Part 3: Pros and Cons of Wondershare UniConverter for Mac

In this part, we will list down some advantages and disadvantages of Wondershare UniConverter that you must know before using it:

Pros of Wondershare UniConverter

  • Fast Speed: Whether it’s about conversion, editing, or merging the videos, this tool gives the output results within seconds without making you wait.
  • High-End Result: The output result of every function is given in high quality and extremely good resolution. Even every audio and video format are available in different qualities, making it versatile.
  • Preview Option: Before saving the output result directly to the device, you can preview the results and can do some changes right at the time.
  • Gives Control: Users have great control in editing and converting videos. You can set the speed, quality, resolution, frame, and background according to your will.
  • All-in-one Tool: You don’t need to go anywhere to complete your basic video editing. It’s a complete toolbox for video editing and offers huge diversity in it.
  • Easy to Understand: The interface is simple and easy to operate. All the basic features have their descriptions, so you won’t need any guidelines to perform video editing.

Cons of Wondershare UniConverter

  • Lacks Enhanced Features: Apart from the improvements, UniConverter still lacks some enhanced features that many professional editors comprise, which makes this tool suitable for only basic video editing.


Wondershare UniConverter has some of the best options supported by artificial intelligence, like a subtitle editor that every Mac user will love. For all the beginners and students, you can easily do basic video editing and can get instant results in the best resolution. Moreover, with every passing day, this tool brings a lot of improvements that can make it one of the popular video converter and subtitle editors one day.

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