The Worst Injuries You Can Go Through

If you go through your entire life without suffering from a major injury, you have lived a great life. After suffering such a major injury, much like being diagnosed with a debilitating disease, has the potential of making your life hard. You may live your life without being irresponsible, in regard to getting hurt, but an injury can come out of nowhere when you least expect them, even if you aren’t being especially risky.

There are a number of injuries, both minor and severe, people go through. Here, we discuss some of the worst. It’s a good thing if you are able to go through your entire life without being hindered by one of them. If an injury does happen, you can work through it as painlessly as possible.

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Head and Brain Injuries

One of the most serious types of injuries one can suffer is a bad head or brain injury. If you are struck in the head during a vehicle accident, this might result in one. If you slip and fall, bumping your head in the process, this might result in a concussion.

After a severe blow to the head, you should watch out for symptoms that are consistent with a brain injury, including recurring headaches, vomiting, the loss of taste or even smell, or being exhausted. If you believe you have suffered any brain damage, you should visit an emergency room so that a doctor can examine you.

Unfortunately, after suffering a severe brain injury, you may lose your ability to communicate. This may result in you being unable to verbally express yourself because you cannot comprehend what is said. You may fumble your words yet be unable to recall them.

It’s also possible that you’ll have to cope with fluctuations in your mood. You may go through personality changes. Depending on the severity, you may even isolate yourself from your family, though you may not be aware of this or to blame. Because of these things, brain injuries are among the most difficult to overcome.

Injuries Involving Your Back

In a serious accident, such as a car collision or a powerful hit in sports, you may suffer an injury involving your back. Among serious back injuries, a fracture to your spine is among the worst. In accidents where you are moving at great speeds, such as sports or riding in a vehicle, you could potentially collide and the impact may result in you suffering an extreme injury to your back, which is common.

In some back injuries, the victim may be so severely injured that they will not walk again and have to accept living out the first of your life in a wheelchair.

With other back injuries, you may need to endure a long period of physical therapy to attempt to recover or — at the very least — improve your condition. Instead of losing the ability to walk, a serious back injury may make your everyday life painful, even if you are able to walk again. Sometimes, these injuries may never entirely heal.

Knee Injuries

Knee injuries can be one of the worst you can suffer. Unfortunately, they are common among professional athletes, especially in football. NFL legend Joe Theismann went through an infamous knee injury that would cut his career in the league short, after he was hit by All-Pro linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

Due to tears in the knee ligaments, an injury like this will usually result in surgery being needed, as well as follow-up physical therapy. Once you recover from such a knee injury, you may possibly be very close to being fully healed. However, it’s likely that your former ability doesn’t return to what it once was.

Unfortunately, knee problems can be problematic when you are older, causing much pain. Because of this, you may not always heal entirely when you go through a major knee injury.

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