Top 11 Passive Income Sources You Can Invest In

Earning money and investments are quintessential parts of our lives. This is how we make the most out of the money that we make. However, some individuals are consistently looking for better and improved sources of income that won’t require their active participation. Yes, we are talking about passive income sources. While playing on online casino websites like can easily bring you active income, we are here to share some opposite sources.

This article will highlight some of the best and proven passive income sources that work.

Start with real estate

We understand that this can be a tough niche to start with. However, if you have real estate laying around, you can spruce up the place, make the place more marketable and then rent it out for personal or commercial purposes. This is where you can easily generate a monthly income that won’t create a dent in your bank account. If buying properties isn’t in your budget, you can invest via the real estate investment trusts and invest in them.

Invest in dividend stocks

There’s nothing that you could do worse for your money than not investing it. If you are just allowing your money to lurk around in the savings account, you are doing the biggest mistake there is. The best way to avoid doing that is by investing in dividend stocks. The dividend stocks offer to put the stake on higher stakeholders, bringing you a good amount of money in returns.

Start a blog

Yes, the importance of blogging is still there. If you do it the right way, there’s not long before you start generating income through Adsense, sponsored posts and so many other revenue sources. However, this is where the trick is. When it comes to investing your time, money, and efforts into a blog, you want to ensure that you start a blog that will cater to the needs of the viewers. Regurgitated content on the blog won’t work now.

Try out affiliate marketing

The growth of affiliate marketing is exponential. With more brands offering affiliate marketing programs, you can get your hands into selling or suggesting the products of others to make a small income off of it. Ideally, we’d recommend that you utilize affiliate marketing techniques and partnerships in the most lucrative ways that will generate a steady income source for you without actively working on it.

Start and publish an ebook

Digital services and products are gaining gradual prominence. This means that if you wish for your business to grow at a good rate, we’d recommend that you focus on starting your digital products like e-Books. They are comfortable to deal with and will bring you a lot of prominent benefits that generate a stable passive income source. However, always make sure that you align your products to the rising demands of the people in the industry.

Create an online course

People are consistently looking for ways to brush and polish their skills and what better way than to teach the people just that? Well, online courses and their demands will stay forever, provided that you are doing things the right way. Ideally, we’d recommend that when you are curating an online course, look at the market trends and what people are looking for. That is the gap that you need to bridge.

Sell stock photos

Are you are a good photographer? If yes, then another amazing way to earn a passive income is by selling stock photos. This works like magic, provided that you license your photographs to be sold via the stock photo websites. The initial income from these platforms can be a little less but the better experience you garner, the easier it becomes to put in the efforts once and then generate a steady income from it.

Focus on app building

If you are good at coding and app development, what are you waiting for? App building is another popular and lucrative passive income source that you can tap into. However, before creating the app, you need to focus on finding what kind of apps people are looking for. You want to cater to the demands of the people where the supply is less or limited. Once you have the app built and people start downloading it, you can then include in-app purchases or ads inside the app to generate passive income.

Become a social media influencer

Again, this is not as easy as it looks. Becoming an influencer takes time. However, this is where you can make the most out of the situation. If you are good with videography and you have good editing skills, Instagram and YouTube are amazing platforms where you can start earning a steady income being an influencer. You can hire a team of marketers or branding experts to bring you brand deals and sponsorships for further income.

Sell ad space on your website

If you have a well-known website with a good range of traffic every month, you can earn a good amount of money via banner ads. These are the ads that brands sort on the homepage of the website to sell their services and products. Brands reach out for website space to place these ads for monthly payments.

Try dropshipping

Last but not least is to tame the power of e-commerce. Dropshipping is one of the best ways in which you can generate an amazing passive income without actively selling products. You act as a middle man for the seller and the customer. This way, you can charge a little higher than what the seller would take and keep the profit to yourself without worrying about the product and the shipping involved.


The best way to secure your future is by starting multiple streams of income and passive income is hands down one of the best ways to start that journey. The process of generating any or multiple of these income sources isn’t easy. However, you need to understand that nothing in life comes without some time investment. So, start with that first.

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