Top 6 Tips for Throwing a Successful Party

Parties are one of the best parts of life: but how do you plan a good one?  Whether you’re throwing your first party in eons or you want to be a better party host: this is everything you need to know.

Hire Someone to Host

One of the best things anyone can do for an event is to hire someone to MC it for you!  Not only does this allow your party to have an overarching flow, but it also gives you the chance to focus on other things rather than the work of hosting it yourself.  Comedians like Scottie Preston make great MCs since they can keep peoples’ attention and guide them through a party while littering conversations with tons of great jokes.  

Find a Great Venue

The venue you host your event in is important to succeed!  The venue decides how many guests you can fit, how formal or laid-back the event will be, and how far people have to travel to attend. 

Consider the theme of your party when picking your event space, and don’t be afraid to lean into it!  If you’re throwing a pirate party, why not rent a party boat?    

Pick a Theme or Purpose

Speaking of themes, it’s a good idea for your party to have some sort of theme or purpose when you throw it.  This doesn’t have to be a literal theme like a kids’ party would have, but it should have some general idea of why it’s being thrown.  It could be an engagement party, a party to celebrate a promotion, or simply an event to dress up: but pick something that matters to you.

Get Some Awesome Entertainment

Entertainment is a must for any event!  Whether you’re hiring musicians, comedians, or illusionists, pick entertainment that will grab your guests’ attention and keep it firmly held for the whole party.  This creates an experience more people will enjoy and gives you the chance to show off a little.  

Plan Ahead as Far as Possible

Try to start planning your party at least two months before you want it to happen.  This gap of time ensures you’ll have plenty of time to plan and pick the perfect venue, entertainment, and catering, and it will protect you if anything goes wrong.  Early planning also ensures that you’re one of the first people to bring up an event happening at that date or time, which means you’re far more likely to be able to get most of the guests that you want to attend.  

Make the Guest of Honor Feel Special

If there are any guests of honor, like a birthday person or whomever, the party is mainly for it’s a good idea to ask which date they’d prefer for the event.  Planning around them will give you the best shot at them feeling special and appreciating the party.  Ask them about what type of entertainment they’d like, what catering speaks to them, and make them feel as special as they are.

Your Next Party Will Be a Blast!

Whether you’re planning your own birthday party or you’re planning a family reunion, planning is the most important thing you can do for the event.  PLan early, and make this an event nobody will forget about! 

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