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The body undergoes daily changes, but something causes that change to be perceived as a disease.


Many people believe that the planet’s health we live on is in danger due to pollution and the well-known greenhouse effect. We always claim that someone (usually a politician) should do something. However, we do not consider that our bad habits threaten our health or our lives. If something has to be done to save planet Earth, perhaps we will have to do something else to live healthier, and we are the ones who must do it.

No doubt, living healthy allows you to live longer and better. I’m going to take care of this. To address different aspects that allow you to maintain your health, see the best way to recover it if you have lost it.

What is health?

It is not easy to explain what health is. For WHO, it is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being. The definition is stunning but not very operative. According to these ideas, almost no one is healthy: here, there are financial problems, they are unemployed, and a relative has died. It could be explained using a negative definition: saying that health is the absence of disease. Then…

What is the disease?

We can explain it based on statistical criteria. The disease is what is not normal, what is out of the norm. The tallest or the shortest would be the sick: the giants or the dwarfs. The solution is not easy: first, we must clarify the limit to consider giant or dwarf. Giant is he who measures 2 m 30 cm?

On the other hand, most often, average does not always coincide with health. In our society, there are people without cavities and others with several. If the most common thing is to have three cavities, would that be the healthiest thing?

Distinguished Professor of History of Medicine, who has given his name to our Faculty of Medicine Library, says that there is a disease if a subject has the structure of a damaged organ. Suppose any of them does not work well if it presents alterations in his psyche or fails in his socio-labor adjustment. He also explains that the disease is a whole, and even if one part is injured (I cut a finger), my whole body responds.

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