Understanding Construction Litigation

Disputes can occur in a construction project. However, not many people know what they should do in such cases. These disputes can arise from construction agreements or injury claims at a construction site. If you have been in any kind of dispute with the construction project, it would be vital to seek legal assistance from a Las Vegas Commercial Litigation Attorney.

The most common factor sparking construction litigation is contractual obligations—the contracts of a construction project uncle specific rules and conditions meant to be followed. If failed, a claim could be made by the affected party against the prosecution. It would be helpful for you to know what and why construction litigation may occur. 

What is construction litigation? 

Construction litigation involves the representation of the stakeholders in government, commercial, or residential, commercial projects where stakeholders are usually the contractors, material suppliers, engineers, architects, lenders, developers, investors, etc. 

Construction litigation can occur due to many reasons. Mostly, the negligence by various stakeholders in the construction project leads to construction litigation. It would be most reasonable to contact a commercial litigation attorney in Las Vegas to handle any legal proceeding. 

Why does construction litigation occur? 

There are a few common causes that lead one into construction litigation. Below is a brief description of the reasons for construction litigation. 

  • Construction project delay

Delays in construction projects are one of the most common types of construction litigation. These delays can be caused by the weather, materials, labor, permits, etc. Construction litigation might occur when the set of conditions is not met. 

These delays might not hold the contractor responsible. However, the agreement involves a specific date by which the construction project should be completed. These completion dates can allow the contractor to incur penalties every week and month after the deadline. 

  • Quality of construction

The quality of the construction is one of the most important aspects of a construction project. It should always be up to the mark. Otherwise, there could be severe consequences. If the owner finds out issues with the quality of the construction or finds out that the quality of the construction has been compromised, they can hold the contractors responsible. 

There can be multiple reasons why the quality of the construction might decline. For instance, the quality can decline if the laborers are not skilled enough, if lower-quality materials are used, etc. Such situations can lead the case to a civil lawsuit. Other reasons construction litigation might occur are workplace injuries, nonpayment issues, etc.

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