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Upwell Health is a reputed physiotherapy clinic in Camberwell, Melbourne, Australia. The clinic has created an award-winning innovative, collaborative, and inspiring environment to treat patients safely in achieving their health, wellness, fitness, and recovery goals. The health practitioners at Upwell will work together with the patient to develop a detailed and effective treatment pathway that answers 4 key questions in the process:

. What is really wrong with the patient?

. What caused his/her illness?

. How long will it take for the patient to recover from his/her current condition?

. What will be the investment from the patient?

All treatment plans offered by Upwell Health are goal-based so that the patient can track his/her progress and never feel like he or she is floating. The treatment plan is strictly private and one-to-one sessions unless they have to be treated in a class setting depending on their condition. The healthcare providers at Upwell Health ensure that they never juggle multiple patients at once and believe in educating the patient right from the start of the treatment process. They use some of the world’s best technology in diagnosing your condition. They won’t hurry in making the diagnosis and will take enough time to investigate and diagnose your condition before devising the most effective treatment plan for your condition. Here are some of the most effective treatments provided by the experts at Upwell Health:

. Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy offered by the experts at Upwell isn’t the standard type of physiotherapy you get from other healthcare professionals in Australia. In fact, Upwell delivers an effective model of care that tends to flip physiotherapy on its head. Their treatment method is much more in-line with current healthcare expectations from patients in Camberwell, Melbourne. They utilize the latest evidence-based practice to deliver outstanding services and effective treatment processes. Whether you are recovering from ill health, surgery, injury, or simply want to improve your overall physical function, you should avail yourself of physiotherapy from Upwell Health.

. Pilates – Upwell Health invested in the most advanced equipment for Pilates sessions. In fact, they recently invested in Allegro 2 reformers by Balanced Body, which is considered the most intuitive and user-friendly reformer on the market. The clinic offers highly effective Pilates sessions to patients who require such treatments. 

. Podiatry – Podiatry offered by the experts at Upwell Health is not your standard Podiatry care. The experts at Upwell offer a model of care that’s more in line with the current healthcare expectations of the patients in Camberwell. They utilize the latest evidence-based practice to deliver highly effective Podiatry sessions to patients who need such treatments.

. Exercise Physiology – Clinical exercise physiologists at Upwell Health are tertiary qualified and have extensive knowledge of the human body & its response to exercise. They use exercise as a model of treatment to assess and effectively treat a wide variety of conditions including cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal injuries, disabilities, chronic pain, and neurological conditions.

Feel free to call the experts at Upwell Health, and they can provide a quote on what portion of your appointment will be covered.

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