Many people have a strong urge to travel and see the world. For many, that simply is not in the cards due to financial responsibilities and other obligations. There are also many hidden expenses that make traveling even one time incredibly expensive. You have hotel fees, flight costs, rental car prices. Then you have the cost of food, and if you are staying in a hotel that means eating out multiple times a day. Those costs all add up very quickly. The high dollar amount should not let your urge to travel and see the world deter you from traveling! However, it might help to get creative in the way you travel. Many people travel for their jobs! Instead of paying thousands of dollars a year to travel and see different parts of the country, let your job pay you to travel. Some different jobs to consider if you love traveling are: 

  • Trucking
  • Flight attendant
  • Cruise Ship Worker
  • Overseas English Teacher


Trucking is a job that will get you on the road immediately. If you enjoy driving, the thought of being alone for long periods of time sounds refreshing and you, and you have a strong urge to travel, this job may be the one for you.This job is also perfect for someone who wants to get the chance to travel and get to know their home country better, it allows people to visit new and exciting places while working and getting paid. If you want, the sleeper in your cab can be your private hotel as you travel, saving you money and you will never have the boredom of an office job. Not only will the scenery be different each day but the weather and road experiences will change as well, making each day new and exciting. 

Semi Truck Financing

In order to land a job as a trucker, first you will need your commercial drivers license (CDL). After you pass your CDL, you will need to get a truck! The best way to have the ultimate freedom as a trucker would be to own your own truck through semi truck financing as opposed to lending one. Think of it like buying a car vs leasing one. Both are good options, however financing your semi would give you the ultimate freedom that you are looking for. You will be your own boss, where you can take the jobs that you want and leave the ones that you don’t, letting you travel to the places you desire the most. 

Flight Attendant

A flight attendant is another job that will get you traveling to new places quickly. This would be a great job if you love meeting new people and love flying. You will have different people aboard your flights everyday, giving you new interactions every minute. You have the possibility to be in many different states in one day! Flight attendants also get perks with their job, depending on the airline that they work for. Most airlines will give you discounts on flights if you are not working or even free if you fly as “stand by”. In order to become a flight attendant, you will need to become certified and get the proper training. 

Cruise Ship Worker

This is a great job for someone who would want to travel and see different countries instead of just seeing the states. As a cruise ship worker, you will need to love being social and meeting new and diverse people. Many of the people that will work on the cruise ship with you will be from different countries so you will get to meet so many people with different backgrounds. This job will require less upfront investment and probably the most fun training experience! 

English Teacher

There are many countries that are always looking for native English speakers to travel to their country to teach English. This would be a great job if you are looking to move to a foreign country and sight see for at least a year. You will be able to fully immerse yourself into a new culture. Some programs have perks that will pay for your lodging, your food and your flights there and back. Your payment to teach will also be tax free so you will basically be paid to travel. This would be a great job if you love working with kids and are good at communicating.

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