Were You Born To Be a Truck Driver?

For some, the aspect of finding a career path can be daunting. Society and schools push for everyone to attend college but for some that just doesn’t feel right. Many people find themselves wondering what avenues they should pursue directly out of school in order to avoid ending up in a dead end job. Each year many people join the ranks of the 3.5 million truckers in America. 

Being a truck driver provides great job security as there is an ever increasing need for goods to be transported across the country. In order to stay competitive, companies have to guarantee fast shipping, and in order for that to happen, there has to be truck drivers on the roadways. 

Being a truck driver is also a great way to provide for a family if you have one. Truck drivers can make a lot of money, could have benefits, and can sometimes find local routes that will still allow you to be home at night with the family.

While the career isn’t for everyone there are many people who are the perfect fit to be a trucker. Here are the top 5 traits that a trucker should have.

Top 5 Traits a Truck Driver Should Have

1 – You Enjoy Driving

This may seem obvious, but if you enjoy driving, then becoming a trucker might be the right career path for you. Truckers all together drive an estimated 140 billion miles a year. A single semi truck can cover an average of 45,000 miles a year while long haul truckers cover 100,000 miles a year in their big rig’s. 

Trucking gives those who love to be behind the wheel plenty of time to take in the open road and see new sights. However, the responsibility of driving a big rig and hauling a large load isn’t for everyone. Getting your CDL will teach you good technique and build safe driving habits, protecting your load, yourself and the other motorists. 

2 – Organization Comes Naturally

Truck drivers aren’t the disorganized people that they are portrayed as in television and movies. If you want to drive trucks you will need to keep a digital log that meticulously tracks your hours on the road and time spent sleeping. Time management, meeting deadlines and record keeping are important for your employer, weigh station attendants, DOT (Department of Transportation) and law enforcement.

3 – Responsible is Your Middle Name

Those that choose to drive big rigs are tasked with being responsible for not only themselves but also their semi truck, cargo and employer. While behind the wheel of their big rig, truck drivers represent their employers and are held responsible for their actions. DOT has regulations for sleep, breaks, time off and the official keeping of this record also merit attention towards responsibility. 

4 – You Enjoy Being a Lone Wolf

If you enjoy being your own boss or find yourself to be introverted, trucking can be an ideal career. Truckers oftentimes enjoy solitude, spending their hours behind the wheel listening to music, catching up on their favorite podcasts, finishing their new audiobook or chatting with family and friends over the phone. 

5 – You Want to Travel

One of the main reasons people find trucking attractive is that they have the urge to travel and enjoy the open road. For cross-country truckers the boredom of the office doesn’t exist. Scenery changes day by day and the seasons, weather conditions and the people they encounter are ever evolving. The best part, cross-country drivers can switch up their routes and visit the places they want to explore as they take their breaks. 

Semi Truck Loan

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