What are The Most Common Causes Of A pedestrian Car accident? 

It has been studied that pedestrian life is at 85% of risk while crossing the road. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 6 to 7 thousand pedestrians died in traffic and no-traffic accidents in 2020 and a large number of pedestrians were involved in severe injuries due to accidents. 

No doubt accidents give a catastrophic experience. The victim goes through shock and suffers badly due to physical injuries, mental and emotional distress, loss of wages and financial loss as he spends a lot of money on medical expenses. However, every day we get out to go to school, at bus stops, to nearby parks or nearby shopping centres and we cross the roads to reach our destination. But sometimes accidents happen due to the negligence of a car driver. 

If you or your loved one has suffered due to the mistake of another person then you should not waste much of your time and immediately contact a California Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will help you to take action against the wrongdoers and claim compensation. 

Some Of The Common Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

Car accidents result in traumatic situations. The victim, who is a pedestrian, faces severe injuries when a car driver hits him badly. He can suffer from head injuries, internal bleeding, multiple fractures and other external and internal damages. 

Well, I’m going to highlight some of the common causes of pedestrian accidents. Knowing these causes will help you to save your and other lives as well.

  • Distracted Driving

Distraction driving is one of the common causes of pedestrian accidents. A slight distraction from the car driver can take the life of the pedestrian. Distraction happens due to 

  • Phone ringing
  • Having an argument with the other passenger sitting in your car
  • Suddenly watching something on the right or left side
  • Changing music 
  • Eating or drinking something.
  • Speeding

Driving a car at high speed can result in an accident. Speed driving makes it difficult to apply the brake during an emergency.

  • Drunk Driving

If the driver is drunk then the chances of an accident increase. He can hit the pedestrian as drunk drivers lose their senses to control the car. Due to losing control over his mind, he does not understand how to react to severe situations.

  • Bad Weather

Driving during bad weather can result in accidents. The pedestrian should also stay at home during bad weather but sometimes while being already outside he can face an accident. Bad weather like heavy rain, snow or stormy wind, all these conditions creates a tough situation for the driver as he becomes unable to see the pedestrian.

  • Wearing Dark Colors At Night or poor visibility

Several factors affect the visibility on roads like a dim street light or poor headlight of the car. While having light issues at night, if the pedestrian is also wearing a dark colour then the possibility is that drivers do not watch a person crossing the road and unwillingly hit him.

  • Road Construction

During road construction, the people take other routes to cross the roads. The driver does not even think of the pedestrians that will come this way. This results in an accident.

  • Ignoring Traffic Signals

If the driver is ignoring the traffic signal or tries to run during the red light. Then this can increase the chance of sudden severe accidents.

  • Improperly Crossing The Road

Sometimes pedestrians also make a mistake while crossing the road. They do not look here and there or do not wait for the car to cross away. And sometimes they improperly cross the road and that results in accidents. 

Claiming For Compensation If You Were Injured As A Pedestrian

If being a pedestrian, you are the victim of a car accident due to the negligence of another driver then you have the right to claim compensation. You can claim for 

  • Medical Bills, 
  • Lost Wages, 
  • Financial Loss 
  • And You Can Even Claim Emotional And Mental Suffering.

However, if your loved one has died due to the negligence of an at-fault driver then you can claim for the wrongful death of your loved one. 

Bottom Lines

Several factors are the result of pedestrian accidents but drivers’ negligence is the major cause of accidents. As a result, the victim suffers physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. However, seeking professional help from California Personal Injury Lawyer can help the victim to claim compensation for all the losses the victim has faced. Your lawyer will investigate the case, collect the authentic evidence to make the case strong and fight for your rights. He will also claim against the insurance companies of the at-fault driver and try to make a fair settlement. Further, he will do all the documentation work for you and will represent you in court. He will fight for you till you win the case.

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