What are the most common violations for which drivers in New York are given traffic tickets?

Do you know how many people get penalized for driving violations in a single day?

You won’t believe that the state of New York hands out millions of traffic tickets each year due to various offenses, one of which is reckless driving. It has been documented by the police responsible for law enforcement in New York that 14.5 million tickets were issued in the preceding years. People who break the rules of the road are subject to receiving traffic citations, which they are required to pay.

There are many instances in which the total cost of multiple citations and surcharges imposed due to the traffic ticket might reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Because of this, employing a New York speeding ticket lawyer to represent you in a case might assist you in lowering the amount of the fine or having the ticket dismissed entirely (if this is possible), so saving you money.

In addition, we will talk about the difficulties that lead to the most frequent traffic fines in New York so that you have some concept of what to look out for and can protect yourself from potential harm.

Flouting the regulations regarding the traffic lights

It is estimated that 1.05 million fines are handed out annually in the state of New York to persons who disregard the rules regarding the traffic lights. People are required to pay the penalty for breaking the traffic regulations when they disobey the traffic designs, including displays of signs and signals and warnings about how to observe the rules of the road properly. The individual who committed this offense will receive a fine and two points on their driver’s license. 

Unlicensed driver

The overall number of tickets issued yearly due to drivers operating vehicles without valid licenses is over 600,000. When persons break the law by not having their support on them at all times, they are subject to a fine, but they do not receive any points for the infraction. It does not imply that you will be required to pay a nominal fee. You are required to pay a substantial sum to ensure that you will not leave your license at home.

Using mobile phones while operating a motor vehicle

It is the reason that leads to the most tickets being handed out in New York. attending phone while driving will hurt not only you but anyone else who happens to be nearby. Nearly 520,000 penalties have been sent out to drivers caught using their phones while behind the wheel. Those who break the rule are subject to financial penalties in addition to having five points added to their driver’s license.

Automobile that has not been inspected.

Because of their hectic lifestyles, many people avoid having their vehicles inspected, which has become the most prevalent reason for people to receive traffic tickets. This obligation falls within the purview of the Department of Motor Vehicles. The inspection must be completed within the time limit set following every vehicle inspection. It has been documented that over 665,000 tickets have been issued directly due to uninspected motor vehicles. 

Reckless driving

The most frequent and growing reason drivers receive traffic citations is for speeding and reckless driving. It has been reported that 2 million citations, and sometimes even more than that, have been issued due to drivers exceeding the speed limit, which is a concerningly high rate. People were going too fast, which ultimately led to an accident. It might be worth anything from three to eleven points, depending on how fast the driver was going and where they were driving the car. 

Wrong side driving

Driving on the wrong side of the road is illegal in New York. If any vehicles are found to be traveling in the wrong direction, the driver will receive not only a ticket but also a hefty fine for committing this type of traffic violation. Driving on the wrong side of the road is responsible for several serious accidents; as a result, drivers who violate this law are subject to significant consequences.

Inappropriate change of lanes

Because you changed lanes unsafely, you are subject to extremely high fines. In addition, your driver’s license will also have a ticket attached to it if you engage in such behavior. This is against the law in every state, and you must pay the associated fines.

Final words

It has been determined that an extremely high number of tickets are distributed in the state of New York on an annual basis. In many ways, the additional license points and fines can affect you. You are required to pay the penalties according to the regulations whether you are engaging in the phone call or driving dangerously; alternatively, you can seek assistance from the New York speeding ticket lawyer who specialize in representing people who have been issued speeding tickets. 

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