What Are Things You Should Know About Gaming PCs Before Build

There are various interpretations of the definition of a gaming PC. But a gaming PC is mainly a PC specializing in playing online games such as FPS, TPS, and MMORPG comfortably. In order to put it simply, it is equipped with a high-performance graphic board.

Gaming PCs often have higher specifications than general PCs so that they can play the latest games comfortably. Game PCs have high specs on average.  Most gaming PCs are BTO PCs, which are assembled after ordering and delivered to users.

High-performance CPU and GPU:

The parts installed in the gaming PC are high-performance. It can be seen that the CPU is Core i5 or higher, and the graphic board is GTX 1660 Super or higher, which is costly. Nowadays, the number of models equipped with the Core i3 series is decreasing.

In addition, general personal computers often do not have a graphic board and usually use an onboard with a CPU to complement the graphic performance. But, it is a little early to call it a “gaming computer” just by adding a graphic board. There are other essential factors.

Large amount of memory:

Gaming PCs generally have a large amount of memory. That’s because the latest titles run out of memory, which makes them far from comfortable gameplay.

It often has at least 8GB or more and at most 16GB of memory. This is a big difference because it is 4GB to 8GB on a general personal computer.

High heat exhaust performance:

Another strong performance of gaming PCs is exhaust heat. So-called gaming PCs are configured so that heat is exhausted firmly. Ordinary computer cases don’t think much about exhaust heat. A standard personal computer does not have parts that generate heat like a good graphic board.

High-quality power supply unit:

Gaming PCs are equipped with a very high-quality power supply unit. A power supply with good power efficiency called 80 PLUS certification is adopted. Not only 80 PLUS BRONZE but also high-quality models such as SILVER and GOLD are often installed.

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