What is inbound marketing?

Techniques and tools used to create a digital space

Do you know the term inbound marketing? It’s okay if you don’t know, but have you ever been tempted to visit a website, open a webpage, or read a blog? The answer is probably yes, so you tried inbound marketing without knowing what it was exactly. Inbound marketing is a technique of attraction, exclusively online, to get visitors and readers for blogs and websites.

This technique is used by marketing, advertising and SEO professionals to optimize the reach number of a virtual address. For example, if you have a website and don’t receive many visitors, professionals who work with inbound marketing will analyze your case and develop a plan to increase the number of visits. Planning is done according to the client’s goals, specially             ‘cause, sometimes, more visits will not mean good numbers if the client’s goal is to sell products.

In the case of online sales, the best option would be to create a plan so that the client’s website appears more often in e-commerce results on websites and internet search tools. If you have a business or want to create one and want to know how to conquer your place in the digital environment, stay with us. We will talk a lot more about it and explain what organic traffic is and how it can help you in your goals..

Understanding inbound marketing

As discussed at the beginning, inbound marketing is an attraction technique. It is developed thinking about capturing more audience, but it is necessary to have a purpose. If you want to sell food and you want to promote your business online, then your inbound marketing plan will be different for those who want to sell clothes.

Inbound marketing is a technique created and used on the internet, but not only on blogs and websites — it can also be used in podcasts and videos. It’s important to understand that this technique won’t have the same effect if you want to promote your products outside the internet. Inbound marketing is for those who want to be a reference in some sector or segment. So, if you sell products by application, offer services on a website or create content for social networks, this technique is for you.

Organic traffic

Organic traffic is for those who want to invest in an internet business, but do not want to be in an ad format. Ads are mostly ignored by people when using search engines because they know that sponsored content is not always the best option. Organic traffic does the same service as the ad, however in a more natural way, so it’s a technique of attracting audiences according to the searches they do on the internet.

How to improve your business?

If you are new to investing in the digital market, no problem. You can look for a SEO team that can review and create a unique media plan for you. It is important that you keep your goals in mind and understand that more likes or accesses don’t always mean a good sign, it depends a lot on what you want to do. If you want to sell, then the number of likes is not a good metric for you to base yourself on, but, if you produce content for the internet, the number of likes and shares is important.

Talk to a team of professionals and try to align your goals with their planning. It is also important to understand that people on the internet like to receive new news, then it is necessary to have a periodicity in creating content or selling products — you need to be constantly connected with your audience.

In this article, we talked about inbound marketing and how it is an exclusive technique for the digital market. We also explained why organic traffic is sometimes preferred by audiences using internet search engines. Finally, we covered how you can apply these techniques to improve your business. The internet is always changing, keep an eye on trends and what people are saying on social media: this can be a direction for your business.

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