What is Life Really Like in the Southern United States

Whether you’re thinking about buying a home among the Little Rock houses for sale, in Atlanta, Birmingham, Biloxi, or anywhere else in the southern part of the U.S. you’ll want to have a good understanding of what life is really like in this region of the country.

There are many negative stereotypes about the American South, most of which are unfounded though they’ve been depicted in pop culture and the media for years. That includes everything from extreme poverty, like Steve Martin’s “The Jerk,” to white supremacy and crazed religion. But to accept those is to dismiss the many delights of the South. As with anywhere, there are positives and negatives, and some depend on your own perspective.

So what is life really like here?

Gossip and Sweet Tea Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sipping a glass of cold sweet tea while spreading the latest gossip is a popular pastime here. And, keep in mind, if you ask for tea at any restaurant, cafe, etc., you’re going to get sweet tea, as in massive amounts of sugar. Smaller towns dominate this region and unless you’re living in a bigger city, everyone knows everyone else’s business.

That can be a good and bad thing, however. Wherever you go you’ll probably find a friendly face and if you need help, it won’t be difficult to find it. Generally, communities in the South are filled with people who look out for one another. 

You’ll Probably Meet At Least One Person Named Bubba, Skeeter, or Junebug

In the South, many people have nicknames, bestowed as an affectionate gesture. Usually, they come with an entertaining story, but sometimes they’re actually a person’s given birth certificate name. If you live here long enough you might even get one of your own. 

Hospitality is a Real Thing

Southern hospitality is much more than a stereotype, it’s the reality. The culture of it may take on mythic proportions, but it’s genuinely embodied in the lives of real Southern people.

Numerous rankings frequently list cities and states in the South among the friendliest in the country, including one reported by Conde Nast Traveler which ranked Greenville and Charleston, South Carolina; Key West, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia as the top four.

BBQ is Serious Business

They aren’t joking when they talk about how good BBQ is in the South. It’s serious business here, practically sacred, calling for hickory chips and elaborate smokers, whole chickens, rib racks, pork butts, and all.

It’s a slow cooking process with plenty of residents in the region who are more than happy to stay up all night while their mouthwatering meats are on the smoker. Standards are high and imposters are eliminated quickly.


If you’re tired of exorbitant housing costs, the South is a good place to be. The cost of living in many places will be far less than what you’d pay in the West or the Northeast in particular while the economy is strong, especially in places like Little Rock, Lubbock, and Greenville, South Carolina. 

Many People Are in Church on Sunday Mornings

Looking for some new friends to join you for some Sunday football? If it’s a morning game it might be a challenge, especially in the Deep South such as Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana where more residents identify as “very religious” than anywhere else. You’ll often hear people saying “God forgives Everything.” And, yes, that even means gossip.

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