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What is technology? A technology dependent world

Technology is the application or use of scientific knowledge to develop various areas of human life and livelihood.

Technology is affecting people’s entire lives. They carry a combination of technology in their daily work; for example, people wake up every morning, use the toilet, and use soap while taking a bath. YOU eat cooked food, watch the clock, go to school, study at night by lighting a lamp, write in a notebook with a pen, and measure your body temperature with a thermometer. When you have a fever, take medicine for treatment; enjoy entertainment on radio, television, and computer. In this way, they use various technologies in every work of life. Visit here best information website in Africa. is Get The Latest Online website At One Place like Arts Culture, Fashion, movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here and

Areas of use of information and communication technology in personal life:

The extraordinary advances in information technology that have been made in recent times are due to the contribution of technology science.  Information and communication technology is being used in the great works of the state, starting from ordinary people. Areas of use of information and communication technology in personal life are:

  • Personal communication
  • Entertainment
  • GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Listening to music using a computer
  • Reading books using e-books
  • Communication using computer network
  • Test results can be known sitting at home through mobile phone.
  • Money can be sent and received using a mobile phone.
  • Using online and the internet, job applications can be made sitting at home and print exam admission forms online.
  • can purchase Train and plane tickets through the online ticketing system without going out of the house or to the station.
  • You can order the required products and pay the bills sitting at home on the internet.

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With the importance of using information and communication technology in personal life:

With the advent of computer-dependent Internet technology, the entire world has become a vast database. The importance of getting accurate information is increasing a lot. Because people can’t remember or get all the information on their own. Recently, the use of technology has gained a lot of importance due to Kovid-19. Communication did not stop even though people were under house arrest due to the epidemic. It has been able to take the news of food, learn about the current situation in other countries, make the general public aware of Covid-19 through social media and tell them how to avoid it. By the help of online a PDF editor is very useful.

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