What to give a motorcyclist for Christmas

Motorcyclists are just like all of us, and many of us have faced the question – what to give a biker? It’s easy to answer if you are a part of the two-wheeled community, the friendliest in the world, but for someone who is far from the world of steel horses, it’s not easy to choose something appropriate as a gift. It’s like choosing a themed gift for a professional fisherman or mountain climber – not knowing all the subtleties, it’s easy to buy something unnecessary or inappropriate. To avoid such mistakes, we have prepared for you a list of the best gift ideas for motorcycle enthusiasts.

1. Motorcycle helmet hanger

You may already be tired of the fact that the helmet of your other half is always lying where it is not necessary? Then we have advice on what to give a motorcyclist and at the same time to get rid of this problem. Meet a special rack for motorcycle helmet and jacket, and not just any rack, a very real authentic! For example, made from a pair of curved wrenches, screwed to the board. It looks this thing incredibly stylish, besides it fits perfectly in any interior. And friends of the motorcyclist will certainly envy him after seeing this rack. And the helmet will no longer lie on the couch, dining table, chair and other places where it is inappropriate. 

2. Theme souvenir 

The most inexpensive and versatile idea if the reason for the gift is not too important, or if you do not intend to give it to your best friend, brother, father or your second half, but just a friend or a friend. The choice of goods in this category is almost limitless:

  • Clothes with motorcycle brand insignia
  • Mugs
  • wallets
  • Backpacks and everything else.

Anything becomes a biker, if you put a suitable themed print on it! The result is quick, easy and inexpensive. Although, of course, for those who are close to you it is better to choose something more serious than a beer mug with a skull or the original flash drive with symbolism of the West Coast Choppers. There are exceptions in this category – miniature models of motorcycles, for example, can easily cost a couple of hundred or three hundred dollars.

3. Protective Equipment

What can you give a biker who risks his life and health every time he goes out on the roads? Something to protect him, of course! The choice of motorcycle equipment is great, but here plays a huge role its style, size and other parameters. To choose a gift of this kind for the person you know not too well would be extremely difficult, because at the unsophisticated eye all these helmets, moto boots, turtles and suits look almost the same. But in this situation you’re unlikely to think about a gift in the form of equipment, because it is expensive, and the quality stuff will cost a pretty penny. But if you want to make a gift to a really close person, and there is a solid reason, such as Christmas or Birthday, the choice is huge.

Since it is very difficult for a person who is not versed in all these intricacies to choose items of equipment, it is possible to give a gift certificate to some motorcycle store. But not all stores have certificates, so you may have to choose on your own. In that case, the best solution would be to consult with friends motorcyclists who you are looking for a gift. Believe me, they know exactly what and where to buy, so your gift will hit the target.

4. Tuning

It’s no secret that many motorcyclists spend a lot of money to improve and decorate their two-wheeled favorites. So if you think about what to give a motorcyclist, some kind of tuning will be a good choice. But to avoid mistakes, here, as well as in the case with motorcycle gear, you should either look into this matter by yourself, or ask friends of the person to whom the gift is intended. And be ready with your wallet – good moto tuning is expensive, and to give some Chinese garbage is a sign of bad form. By the way, bikers in such situations often contribute to a common gift together in order to give a friend something expensive, but really necessary, and not a bunch of small gizmos. Take this idea to heart.

5. Parts

To keep your motorcycle running, it needs periodic maintenance, and that costs money, too. Are you sure the person you want to give a gift to is okay with their bike? If not, it’s another opportunity to find something that’s actually appropriate. This category may be the most difficult to choose, but even here the friends of the gift recipient will help! And surely be able to answer the question of what to give a lover of bikes, whose iron horse needs to be repaired. And it is better to worry about this issue in advance, because almost always the necessary spare parts are not available, and they have to order them from overseas online stores. And still you can make a choice in favor of consumables, which will sooner or later come in handy. Motorcycle season is on the nose? A canister of engine oil, a set of filters, gaskets and other small things will come to hand, because the motorcyclist will buy it all anyway, and with this gift you will show your sincere care.

6. Motorcycle bike rack

A motorcycle rack will give you peace of mind while traveling. Keep your bike secure while transporting it to and from beautiful fun locations


It’s always fun to broaden your horizons! Besides, sooner or later things go to waste, and new impressions remain forever. Is the motorcyclist you want to give a really great gift to ride a sportbike? Order a race track for him for a couple of hours, and he will surely love it! Or he prefers not to hurry along on a chrome “Harley-Davidson”, looking down on his colleagues, saddled with “plastic” or off-road vehicles? Show him that not only choppers can bring fun, and give him a race on the enduro, during which he will spend a couple of unforgettable hours on the off-road track, pulling the bike out of the mud. It may sound strange, but it really is very exciting. And the list of ideas that can be presented to a motorcyclist can be expanded – most bikers get on motorcycles for the thrill, and that means they love adrenaline. Present, for example, a parachute jump or a paraglider flight, and for sure your gift will be appreciated. Text by

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