Why is the PMP Certification worth it?

Soon-to-be PwC study has revealed the truth that certified Project Managers manage more than 35% (or more) of their projects, which are highly efficient. In addition, companies that have more than one-third of PMP certified managers are more likely to achieve higher performance in the projects they oversee when compared to companies that do not. Plus, what’s more? PMP is the fifth-highest-paying certification in the year 2016.

Do you think you are sufficient? If yes, then the next thing to be thinking about does you really require to be PMP certified Before we go into the details of the subject it is important to understand the fundamentals of what is the PMP.

What exactly are the requirements for the PMP certification?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a globally acknowledged professional certification. The PMP certification is granted from The Project Management Institute (PMI) which is a US non-profit professional group. It is a highly sought-after and wanted-after certification and is acknowledged and recognized. PMP certification has been widely recognized and accepted. PMP certification is a vital prerequisite for anyone an employee of a project management company. It is crucial for those who want to advance their career.

How can I pass this exam to be able to pass this PMP certification exam?

Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) that conforms to industry standards is the basis of screening candidates. PMP exam assesses applicants across five categories of competence.

  1. This project’s initial stage (13%)
  2. This is the basic concept of your thought (24%)
  3. The is currently getting implemented (31%)
  4. The Monitor Control, and the Monitor (25%)
  5. It has since been closed (7%)

The number, which is enclosed in parentheses, represents the amount of weight given to each area on the exam.

The exam is comprised of about 200 multiple-choice questions. The exam has 25 questions that don’t have a score. These tests are designed to enhance the level that will be given on the exam. However, it’s not difficult to determine which questions the exam will be made up of as the tests are distributed randomly throughout the exam. Additionally, it’s important to remember that the exam is an exam that is open to the public. It is not required that exam materials be kept by the exam participant throughout the course during the exam.

What can I prepare to pass taking the PMP exam prerequisites?

To respond to the question about who is eligible, PMI states:

“If you’re skilled in the field of project management you’ll be accountable for every aspect of the project’s implementation as well as managing teams of all sorts as well as individuals in your group. You’ll discover that this PMP is the best choice for you.

Additionally, there are a few prerequisites to satisfy for being certified. Candidates must meet any of the following requirements:

  1. An advanced diploma (high school or associate’s certificate ) or equivalent globally.
  2. 7500hrs of managing or directing projects
  3. 35 hours of training regarding project management


  1. Four-year degree
  2. 500 hours directing and supervising the projects
  3. 35 hours of training to assist managers of the projects.

Is PMP certification worth it?

If we are able to get a knowledge of what PMP certification PMP certification process in the real sense and its benefits of it, we can go over what we discussed in our discussion. Do you require certification to get certification in the form of a PMP certification? If yes, then there are advantages and costs associated with having the PMP certification. But, the majority of people who hire professionals or certified experts believe that they are more costly than the price.

Before the beginning of our discussion, we’ll look at particular issues discussed during PMP certification.

1. It’s pricey

If you’re currently not a PMI member, PMI the cost to be successful in passing an exam for the PMP exam to earn PMP exam PMP certification is 500 US dollars. If you’re a part of PMI you’ll be charged an amount of $40 US dollars to sit the exam. But, PMI membership costs just 139.00 US dollars. Even even though it will save you about 11 USD by signing up as a PMI Member, PMI member, there are many benefits to being a member. It is strongly recommended to join PMI before registering for the exam.

If you fail the exam on the first attempt and wish to attempt this exam then you’ll have to be charged $ 275. This only applies to PMI members. The cost is 350 USD in the event there is no way to join. PMI member and 350 USD if you’re already. PMI members.

Alongside the expense to pass the exam, in addition to the cost of passing the exam, There are other costs that must be paid in order to successfully pass the exam. This includes PM training courses as well as instructions for preparation, and example questions exam questions. Keep in mind that it is vital to have a minimum of 750 dollars to receive certification for exam certification. exam certification. However, many experts believe that the price is fair considering the advances in their careers that candidates will likely experience with the certification.

2. It’s not simple.

Many people are aware of the fact that PMP is a tough exam. Many claim they believe that they believe that the PMP is the toughest exam they’ve had to take. It’s because a PMP exam isn’t only about understanding concepts, but also the actualization of the concepts. When you think about the requirements for the exam (you must answer 200 questions within about 120 mins) it’s a major challenge even for the best project manager. Additionally, you’ll have to fulfill certain personal deadlines you’ll need to meet in order to be able to pass the exam. It can take about two to three months to be successful. A lot of students do not get certified even after having studied for a long duration of time.

The exam was simple and anyone could pass it easily and be recognized the same way it is today How would you go about it? This certification is the most rigorous requirement for maintaining it. certification. That’s the reason why PMP certification demands commitment on your part. The most important thing is the result of this test is a lasting experience.

3. It’s time-consuming

Cost can have been expressed as dollars. For many, the main problem is the amount of time. There are numerous complaints about the length of time required to become PMP certified.

Another thing to consider is how you study. Since the exam is extremely complex and demanding, it’s essential to dedicate your time to studying and studying your PMBOK handbook. A lot of people think that it’s not all you need to finish. It’s important to read more books, also participate in training courses (if there are any) participant in) and pass an exam in the course of your studies. It may take a considerable amount of time. Most affected are people who are currently working. Workers are tired.

There is also an obligation to meet. The PMP application requires that you keep track of each project you’ve worked on. You should also be aware of the various aspects of each project. It might seem simple but it’s a difficult task that requires some time. Furthermore, you cannot finish this task in the midst. This is due to the fact that PMI uses an auditing process to confirm the authenticity of any.

Some issues might be difficult to solve. However, when you think about the advantages of PMP certification the issues seem to be minimal. Let’s examine the advantages and negatives associated with PMP certification.

The advantages of being certified PMP certified. certification

1. Increases Resumes’ impact

You can obtain numerous professional certifications for the job you’ve always wanted. There are many, but PMP certification is one of them. PMP certification is likely to be the most beneficial certification program. Everyone seeking directorships knows the value of this. This is because they will give preference to those with PMP certification over applicants who do not have this certification.

The tasks in managing project projects are highly sought-after. The majority of the time there are plenty of candidates with the skills to fulfill these duties. It can be expensive and time-consuming to analyze and assess the capabilities of each candidate. That’s why they need to evaluate each candidate before conducting interviews for the position of a Project Manager. This is because PMP certification is important. PMP certification is valuable since it’s one of the best methods of recognition.

In addition, many employers are making it mandatory for employees to possess PMP certification. This certification is needed for candidates to be to apply for jobs that don’t need certification. certification.

PMP certification can be extremely beneficial for climbing to the top levels of the organization you’re employed. It can help you become more popular with your coworkers when you rise up to the top of the ladder. Additionally, a certified person is far more likely to be successful in passing the challenging test called the PMBOK exam than those that don’t certify. There is also an exam known as”the” PMBOK exam whether V5 or.

2. Recognizes the acceptance of the industry

PMP certification has been widely recognized. PMP certification is well-known. The majority of certification programs focus on a specific area or geographic region. PMP however is an international program that can be used in any field or field. This means that, no whatever profession or industry you’re in, you’ll capable of reaping the benefits of having this certification to enhance your resume.

Which is PMP certification’s value on the market? The research shows an increase in certified PMPs is increasing within an organization. This means that the efficiency of projects is enhanced. Furthermore, organizations recognize that certified management that is more efficient to complete projects on time and on budget.

When you’re only getting started with managing projects, the PMP certification can assist you with the lack of expertise. If you’re knowledgeable and knowledgeable in your field, you’ll have the capability of achieving. If so, then PMBOK certification can help you move into the next stage of your company.

3. Helps you master essential abilities

It’s not uncommon to meet PMs who are in the process of preparing for the possibility of being hired. What can you do to set yourself in a crowd? What better way than get PMP certified and develop resumes that are distinctive to prospective employers? PMBOK certification can equip you with the essential capabilities needed to be successful at work.

PMP certification is an excellent way to gain an exceptional certification. The process isn’t an easy task to pass this exam without much preparation. Additionally, you’ll have to be aware of what you should be aware of about the fundamentals of the area. The procedure for getting the PMP certification will require you to go through a variety of capabilities including the soft and hard. It provides you with knowledge of basic methods and tools utilized to manage projects in project management. Additionally, it provides the most efficient strategies as well as the most current advances in project management. Furthermore, you’ll learn about the most innovative techniques and methods to manage projects.

Do you want to improve your standing in the industry? It’s difficult to accomplish this without increasing the amount of work you’re working on now. Experience can help you fulfill your obligations. However, experience and certification can accomplish the same thing within a shorter amount of time.

4. Increases the amount you earn

The biggest advantage of having PMP certification can be seen by the higher salary it provides to PMs. In all countries, PMPs are paid an average salary which is $18,000. It is possible that the salary that PMPs receive as certified PMs may be greater. A previous PMI study showed the average media salary for managers who hold certification was $18,000. The median salary for managers with no certification was $91,000.

Another study has shown the importance of the presence of certified project managers, who earn about 20% more than managers who aren’t certified. All over the globe, as well as employees in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Particularly women who have been certified through PMP PMP certified owners earn considerably higher than female certified professionals across a broad spectrum of diverse fields.

What’s the reason behind that? PMP has been, for quite a while, the most lucrative IT certification. In recent developments, it is believed that the salary for PMP certification will rise over the coming years.

Additionally, you’ll earn more as well as a higher salary when you hold a PMP certification enhances your career security. Employers require proof of the skills that you’ve acquired with a certification even when you’re in the most favorable period of work. This is why a PMP certification assists in avoiding cuts faster than if you did not possess the certification.

5. Provides networking opportunities

PMI is the home of about 773,840 PMP certification holders across the globe. If you’re one of PMI members and join the organization as an associate of PMI immediately, you’re now an integral part of the group. PMI holds regular meetings of its members in different cities across the world. The aim of these meetings is to help members attain professional Development Units (PDUs). These are the kind of certificate that has to be obtained in order to satisfy the requirements necessary to ensure that credentialing is current. They are often called CCRs. They must retain their certification for three years.

The advantages of these events are many. These are the times that can provide you with information about the most current jobs available to those who are thrilled by PMP certification. PMP certification. PMI events are scheduled to highlight open positions. There is an online and offline community where PMPs can connect and collaborate with PMPs from different communities. These communities assist in the creation and maintenance of an industry-specific community. Furthermore, PMP certification PMI PMP certification allows individuals to be instructors for other PMI PMP Members.

6. Your dedication to the mission

As we’ve mentioned previously There are certain requirements you need to be able to meet before being PMP certified. When you’re currently enrolled in PMP certification it’s required to satisfy the following requirements. PMP program as an associate of the PMP program and is associated with the PMP program this means you’ll need a minimum of 60 months of work experience for you to be qualified. Students who have an undergraduate degree need to possess 36 months of prior experience. PMP certification can be seen as a mark of work that’s top-quality. Employers are aware that they cannot afford to let you down. The accomplishment of the exam can be a sign of the dedication you have to your work. It demonstrates that you’re committed to picking the right career route.

Anyone who is committed to learning can be valuable to any company. The PMP certification is a sign of your commitment to enhancing your capabilities in professional and academic qualifications as well as your expertise and knowledge. This certification will help you earn respect from team members and colleagues.

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